GNN Releases List Of Personality Of The Year – 2017

As the year 2017 come an end to usher in a brand new year, 2018, the management of the Global News Network Incorporated, publisher of GNN-Liberia ( one of Liberia’s widely browse online newspapers is pleased as a way of tradition to highlight individuals and institutions that have made a noteworthy contributions during the year-2017.

The selections of these individuals and institutions was done through public sampling around the Country via email to our team of reporters stating clearly what their selection was made; given reason why their candidate should be considered.

Below listed names of individuals and institutions are those who have won of Personality of the Year Award – 2017:

GNN Man of the year – 2017; Senator George Weah

Senator George Manneh Weah is our MAN of the year – 2017; this selection was received overwhelmingly according to the number of nominations received from the general public with many stating, “Senator George Manneh Weah should be named as our man of the year in 2017; his to transform his native land, Liberia has come to a reality,” Abraham Johnson of Monrovia in his letter of nomination stressed. For Sarai Harris, “My man of the year 2017 is Senator George Weah, Weah has done a lot for this country, his nationalistic contributions over the years has proven that he is indeed a true leader, his presidency will help to redeem Liberia from the shackle of poverty,” Ms. Harris in her nomination said.

GNN Woman of the year – 2017; Mary Broh

Madam Mary T. Broh is our WOMAN of the year – 2017; Madam Broh has won the admiration of many Liberians for her hard work, and stance to governance wherever she was placed to work for the people of Liberia. “General Broh has she is affectionately call is a woman of principle, I join others to name her as our Woman of the year – 2017,” Nathaniel Sebour of Redlight Paynesville in his nomination to the GNN stressed. Dozens of others who sent in their nominations said the same about the selection of Madam Broh as our Woman of the year.

GNN Minister of the year 2017; Bernice Dahn

Dr. Bernice Dahn is our MINISTER of the year – 2017; her office, the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare has stood the test of time, especially in the areas of disease control. Her quest to making sure that Liberia and its citizens are physically fit and well relating to their healthcare system has won the hearts and minds of many of those who nominated her as our Minister of the year – 2017.

Dr. Dahn who in 2015 succeeded Dr. Walter Gwenigale performed well protecting Liberians from the deadly Ebola virus epidemic which took away hundreds of lives, her tour of Liberia’s fifteen counties expressing gratitude to healthcare workers and county stakeholders for their service in the health sector during her more than two year of administration has won the admiration of Liberians.

Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa

Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa is our POLITICIAN of the year- 2017, this selection was done through a sampling collection from the public; his maturity in dealing with people politically gave him the edge over other nominees for this slot.

‘JFK’ as he is affectionately call has won himself mark of respect when he served as Chairman of the Special Presidential Taskforce that was given the authority to probe several prominent Liberian politicians and others who were accused of bribery and other crimes in the Sable Mining case discovered by the Global Witness an international whistleblower.

This high-profile case presided over by Cllr. Koffa with other legal minds drew international attention, admiring his stance to the handling of the case making sure that those who plunder the resources of the country face the raft of the law.

Due to his quest to see his people enjoy the wealth of their nation, Liberia he was elected as member of the House of Representative for his home county, Grand Kru County with the sole objective of seeking their interest in that august House.

GNN Director of the year – 2017; Mr. Dewitt vonBallmoos

Mr. Dewitt vonBallmoos is our DIRECTOR GENERAL of the year – 2017; his professional services to the people of Liberia through his leadership at the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) have won the admiration of employees of the institution and beneficiaries.

Through the instrumentality of vonBallmoos, the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) got a new operating law which is called “An Act to Repeal Decree No. 14 of the People’s Redemption Council of the Armed forces of Liberia and to create a new Chapter 89 of the Executive Law Establishing the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation of the Republic of Liberia.”

The new Act replaces Appendix 14-1 to Decree No. 14 by the People’s Redemption Council of the Armed Forces of Liberia Repealing Chapter 89 of the Executive Law entitled An Act to Establish the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation of the Republic of Liberia and Welfare fun, which was used by NASSCORP for 37 years as its operating instrument.

Many of those who sent in their request for the selection of Mr. vonBallmoos as Director General of the year, also lauded his leadership’s effort in the promotion of social security in Liberia. Making specific reference of NASSCORP’s infrastructural development around the country, including the construction of a modern complex building located at the ELWA junction and the construction of the Corporation’s modern office complex.

GNN Politician of the year – 2017; Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine

Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine is our LEGAL PRACTITIONER  of the year – 2017; his recent decision to allow the runoff election to take place after series of lawsuits against the National Elections Commission (NEC) at the Supreme Court of Liberia for elections fraud and irregularities which led to a delay of the runoff election was received with more praises, from Liberians commending his stance to allow the election to take place. Even though there were some arguments and counter-arguments about the allegation filed against the NEC by his party, the Liberty Party (LP) which at the end the Supreme Court of Liberia rule that there were no substantial evident to compel NEC in favor of the LP.

GNN Businessman of the year – 2017; Mr. George Haddad

George Haddad is our BUSINESSMAN of the year – 2217; Haddad is the owner of several chains of businesses that have absorbed hundreds of Liberians by providing them with job opportunities, while Liberians who are opting for higher education are given scholarships by George Haddad and his group of Companies.

Two of his companies, Prestige and the Alliance Motors Companies that have employed dozens of Liberians are currently facing difficulty in the collection of US$10.7 Million debts the Liberian Government owed. Despite of all of these difficulties being faced with Mr. Haddad and his companies, Liberians are still enjoying the employment opportunities at these respective business entities of this Lebanese businessman.

GNN Security Officer of the year – 2017; Inspector Gregory Coleman

Inspector Gregory Coleman of the Liberia National Police is our SECURITY OFFICER of the year – 2017; Inspector Coleman affectionately call ‘Unit 100’ is professionally seated as the Chief of Police of the Republic of Liberia has received lots of praises from the people Liberia in his bid to transform the Liberia National Police.

During the just ended 2017 general and presidential elections, under his watchful eyes the Liberia National Police to professionally took charge of security around the country providing peaceful atmosphere during these elections

Inspector Coleman, one of Liberia’s youngest and experienced Police Chief during these elections made a high mark when his professionally took care of security at the satisfaction of Liberians and even those very politicians whose security was in the hands of these gallant men and women of the LNP.

GNN Rights Advocate of the year – 2017; Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe

Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe is our RIGHTS ADVOCATE of the year – 2017; his advocacy for the rights of the needy in Liberia has won the admiration of many, especially the under prevailed.

Dozens sent in their nominations made reference of his legal professional services to the people of Liberia during the last twelfth months in 2017 being a very strong opposition to injustice in Liberia, his fight for justice has been admired by many of those who submitted their entries in favor of the learned Liberian legal practitioner said they were overwhelmed of his selection as Rights advocate of the year – 2017.

Commenting RECENTLY on the Global Witness 2016 Report that have indicted prominent Liberians for bribery, Cllr. Gongloe indicated that the country don’t need Global Witness Report to fight corruption. “We don’t need the Global Witness Report to fight corruption, Government only act based on foreign consent, what happens to the GAC report” said Cllr. Gongloe. He father said those accused in corruption saga should speak for themselves and Liberians should learn not to shield people who do wrong, these insinuations by the legal rights advocate also grew huge feelings for many of those who submitted their entries for his selection.

GNN Religious leader of the year – 2017, Rev. J. Luther Tarpeh

Rev J. Luther Tarpeh is our RELIGIOUS LEADER of the year – 2017; his approach to national issues objectively has won the admirations of Liberians, especially those in the religious community.

Dr. J.  Luther Tarpeh: “Corruption in a small place ends up in a big place, and Liberia cannot continue on this path and believe that the country will move forward.”

In one of his admired preaching to the nation, Rev. Tarpeh publicly apologized to the God on behalf of Liberia and other countries around the world for the situation (Hardship) they find themselves, noting,  “Oh God, we are sorry that we did not learn the lessons of the war; we failed you Lord. Somalia is still in war, but by your grace you helped Liberia,” the learned Liberian cleric noted.

Speaking on behalf of Liberia, Rev. Tarpeh said, “Forgive us as the Church of Liberia, because there are things that we should have done that we did not do. Oh God, we should be the conscience of society. We should be the ones, oh God that will not partake in the sins of the world.”

With these healing words, Liberians who sent in the entries said Rev. Tarpeh must be recognized in this, his selection is based on his religious nurturing of his fellow compatriots.

More nominations underway

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