GNN Publisher Debunks Presidential Press Secretary’s Insinuation

Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks, Publisher – GNN Liberia

It was a little bit unprofessional on the part of the Presidential Press Secretary to have described the Publisher of one of Liberia’s most reliable and widely browsed news outlets, the of practicing ‘Yellow Journalism’, a negative word used to describe unethical and unprofessional journalists with based on their reportage as ‘Fake’ news.

Perhaps, Mr. Isaac Solo Kelgbeh have not done extensive research on Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks, owner of the Global News Network Incorporated, which publishes an online for this internationally acclaimed with credibility and professionalism and have worked with both local and international media outlets with distinction and admiration.

The characterization of GNN-Liberia Publisher (Mr. Brooks) is not only shocking, but very unprofessional undiplomatic  for the spokesperson of the presidency to release such bias statement despite his behind the scene negotiation for dialogue regarding an article published on our widely browsed website, entitled: “Liberian Leader Dances In Wealth, The Latest Is A Modern Luxury Yacht”, published on April 15, 2019.

What is most surprising, is this story was published two years four months ago without any response from the office of the Press Secretary until Sunday, August 1, 2021; when both the Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Jarlawah Tonpo and Mr. Isaac Solo Kelgbeh, Presidential Press Secretary called to enquire the facts surrounding the article in question.

Based on their enquires, I proposed a meeting with the Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs scheduled for Monday, August 2, 2021 at 10am a proposal which he graciously accepted.

However, to my dismay, I listened and read a press statement from the Presidential Press Secretary published on the Executive Mansion official Face Book Page and on other media outlets refuting our publication, and referring to the Publisher, Joel Cholo Brooks as a ‘Yellow Journalist’, despite our planned schedule meeting on the same day. 

Now here are few concerns:

  1. How the Presidential Press Secretary arrived at the decision to release the statement referring to me as ‘Yellow Journalist’ after I professionally consented to meet with him and the Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs regarding the publication.
  2. Are they not coordinating as spokespersons of government?
  3. Did you get my official response regarding the publication before releasing a statement?

Until you answer these questions or concerns, I am taking aback  I also call on you to publicly retract your statement paving the way to meet as earlier requested to provide facts which I am willing to do,  

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