GNN Liberia Publisher Describes US$1.5M Lawsuit Against It By Bridge Liberia Director Of Schools Laughable

Bridge International Academies Director of Schools, Ms. Corina Wornee

The management of Global News Network Incorporated, publishers of one of Liberia’s most reliable news outlets, has sharply rejected recent lawsuit filed against it at the Civil Law Court in Monrovia by the Director of Schools at Bridge International Academies Liberia, Ms. Corina Wornee claiming a US$1.5 million damages as laughable.

Over the past months, GNN Liberia has been investigating an alleged ‘Bad Labor Practices’, Sexual Harassment and other allegation leveled against the Bridge Liberia and its Director of Schools based upon press statements issued and interviews conducted with some employees and teachers of this institution publicly accused the management of bad labor practices, and other offenses which they claimed had derailed the reputation of Bridge Liberia.

In their written statements, the employees and teachers also alleged that the Director of Schools, Ms. Corina Wornee was involved in extra marital affairs with the Country of Bridge Liberia Griffin Asigo, an allegation that led to GNN Liberia to launch an independent investigation by contacting those linked to these allegations via phone calls, text messages, and even visiting the office Bridge Liberia.

During GNN Liberia investigation, it was discovered that the Country Director of Bridge Liberia, Griffin Asigo was out of the Country, and could not be reached, however, an email was sent to the headquarters of Bridge International Academies based in Nairobi, Kenya on June 8, 2020 to also find out the authenticity of the allegation leveled against Bridge International Academies.

Joel Cholo Brooks, Publisher GNN Liberia

Despite efforts being applied by GNN Liberia to ascertain the facts via email relating to the allegation was never addressed, similar situation took place at Bridge Liberia office when our staff again made several attempts to call and also sending text messages to the Director of Schools, Ms. Corina Wornee to clearly get the actual story about her alleged involvement in sexual activities with Mr. Griffin Asigo also proved futile despite all attempts.

As a result of both the Nairobi and the Monrovia offices to respond to the GNN Liberia enquiry, on June 8, 2020 an article entitled, “Bridge Int’l Academies Country Director Accused Of Sexual Harassment? Investigation continues”, this headline was in question due to the delayed response from those been accused. Click to read article

Based upon another press statement issued by some employees and teachers who reported that a meeting had been called by the Ministry of Labour to probe the alleged bad labor practices at Bridge Liberia, another article was written entitled: “Several Employees at Bridge Int’l Troop to Labour Ministry, Call for investigation Into Alleged Sexual Harassment”, Click to also read article.

In this article, GNN Liberia also reported that three employees including two Liberians and a Kenyan had reportedly complained to the Ministry of Labour, accusing the management of Bridge International of what the employees claimed as ‘Bad Labor Practices’.

With all of these publications made by the GNN Liberia, those allegedly linked to the reported allegations were contacted, but to no avail.

Interestingly, one of those the employees accused, Ms. Corina Wornee who happen to be the Director of Schools for Bridge Liberia called the Publisher of GNN Liberia phoned on August 4, 2020 at 15:31 telling the Publisher that she wanted a private discussion, but declined to give detail of the discussion, a day later a Writ of Summons signed by the Clerk of Court, Ellen Hall Kamara delivered to the Publisher on the same day Ms. Wornee did call,

However, the summons served by the GNN Liberia and other Liberian journalists noted, “Republic of Liberia, to the Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff of Montserrado County Republic of Liberia: You are hereby commanded to summon the above named respondent (s) to appear before the six Judicial Circuit Court, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, sitting in its September term, A.D. 2020, same being the 21st day of September, A.D. 2020, at the hour of 10:00AM”, the court summons delivered noted.

Meanwhile, the appropriate legal team to represent the legal interest of GNN Liberia’s Publisher has been arranged for this legal battle on the day scheduled.

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