GNN LEGISLATIVE WATCH: The Man Zoe Emmanuel Pennue; Lawmaker Regarded By His People

Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue Grand Gedeh County District # 1

As we observe and profile members of the Liberian Legislature; their works and contribution to the growth and development of their respective counties throughout Liberia, a new segment has meanwhile been introduced by this widely browsed news platform (

Legislative Watch is a weekly platform to objectively highlight the activities of ‘Our Lawmakers’, not only attending sessions at the Capitol Building, but their legislative services being enjoyed by their people who elected them.

This week we profile one of Liberia’s youngest lawmakers, Grand Gedeh County District #1, Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue; his generosity and refined legislative services to his people in the County and the Country at large since 2006, January up to present is overwhelming.

‘ZP’ as he is popularly known amongst his people and his admirers has been regarded in his home County (Grand Gedeh County) as one of the best lawmakers that the County has ever produced due to his numerous contributions to the rapid growth and development of the County.

Due to his selfless role played over the years as a sitting lawmaker for the people of Grand Gedeh County, he was for the 3rd term Petitioned by the people to once again serve them in the 54th legislature as their sitting member of the House of Representative.

Some residents including students, the elderly and other citizens in the County who spoke to our reporter said the see him as the direct representation of the people of their district and the county at large, a further praised Representative Pennue for his contributions toward the provision of scholarships for students from the county at various university and high schools in both Grand Gedeh and Montserrado counties.

Speaking further, the citizens of Grand Gedeh County among many things also praised their lawmaker for ably representing the people of District #1 Grand Gedeh County for the two terms as a representative, and described him as a formidable force for the district in 2017.

Also speaking to our reporter, some of the students who said they are a direct beneficiaries of Representative Pennue kind generosity in the County noted, “His works and legislative performances over the years have proven to everyone in the County that yes indeed he is the right person for this job, we appreciate him a lot,” some of the students speaking to our reporter in the County stressed.

Prior to joining the Liberian Legislature, Honorable Zoe Emmanuel Pennue served as Deputy Managing  Director  for  Operations  at  the Liberia  Petroleum  Refinery  Company (LPRC)  under  the  erstwhile  Bryant  led  Transitional period.  Hon.  Pennue also served as Assistant Operations Manager at the Bridgeway Corporation.

According to our Grand Gedeh Correspondent, the name ‘Zoe Emmanuel Pennue’ has become a household name in that southeastern part of Liberia due to his selfless role being played as a sitting lawmaker.

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