Glakon District Wins ArcelorMittal Sponsored Grand Bassa District League

Hundreds of Bassa residents flogged the Dorris Williams Sports Pitch in Buchanan to watch an entertaining game between Buchanan District and Distract #2.

Some sons and daughters of the county even traveled from Monrovia and other of the country to witness the games.

It was the concluding finals of the 2022 Grand Bassa County District Tournament supported by ArcelorMittal Liberia

Earlier in the day Buchanan city won Glakon (District Two) in kickball before Glakon came back to collect spectacular win the football final after 90 mins.

The atmosphere of final football game was the big crowds cheering for their favorite district teams as talented young players tackled football and cheerleaders cheering endlessly.

The county district football league is an annual sporting event held at the district level in many counties.

The games draw significant local enthusiasm and traction and can be leveraged to promote promote peace and unity.

ArcelorMittal’s support included provision of funds for the games, six large banners to promote the event.

ArcelorMittal also made available 150 complementary t-shirts, 50 face caps, 2000 promotional Flyers spectators at the entrance ofthe football field while 200 posters would be posted at strategic locations in vicinities of the football fields in the counties.

The company also made available hundreds of sack of people water for player and spectators for the games and made payment for live radio and TV coverage coverage.

The global steel giant also paid for the printing of more than 6,000 branded tickets used for the quarter finals, semifinals and finals.

In collaboration of with the Organizing Committee of the Grand Bassa District tournament, ArcelorMittal will make available 75 gold medals and 50 silver medals for the winners and supply competing District teams and technical staff with safe drinking water during the games.

Cash prizes were also made available for winners in both football and kickball categories.

Many citizens who spoke to Ablajay TV in and around the Dorris Williams Sports Stadium thanked ArcelorMittal for the support and said the contribution to the district league was outstanding.

Mary Yavogar a resident of Corn Farm community said the she was pleased that the ArcelorMittal has taken a new direction aimed at helping its host’s communities grow.

“This is the first time I have seen Mittal support the district league to help us cheer our districts to victory” she added

“I think this is good that the company now considering things that the citizens need”

The organizing committee chair of the  2022 District Tournament Daniel Baryogar said the committee is “deeply grateful for the support”

“Let me be fair to the company, this support came right in time and on time. We didn’t have what all we needed to make this league go ahead” said Baryogar

ArcelorMittal said it believes Sports can unite Liberians  and provide the country with tangible, time-honored traditions as well as the happiness that comes with lighthearted gaming.

The company has meanwhile committed to continue to support initiates that have the ability to unite and promote peaceful coexistence.

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