Giving Back To Zondo: As The Joahs Break Ground To Construct Junior, Senior And College Institutions

During the ground breaking ceremony
Mrs. Tiangay Joah giving the overview of the project

The weather was calm and gloomy, and the occasion was well organized and indeed colorful, it was the official ground breaking ceremony of ‘Giving Back To Zondo’ which drew huge crowd including traditional chiefs, elders, residents of this historic community, and twelfth representatives from the Soltiamon Christian School System around Monrovia and its environs including a representative from Sierra Leone.

Participants at the program

Others in full attendance to grace this occasion were a two man delegation from the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) headed by its Community Liaison Officer, Mr. J. Morris Saah, who assured the organizers of LAC fullest support to the successful implementation of the project, an initiative of the Superintendent of the Soltiamon Christian School System, Pastor St. Solomon Joah and his wife, Mrs. Tiangay S. Joah, who is also Chief Executive Officer of the school system.

One of the elders with Pastor St. Solomon Joah at the program

Participants prior to the ground breaking exercise joyously matched throughout the streets of this historic community of Zondo backed with the Soltiamon Christian School System marching band with songs and dancing lauding the initiatives of Pastor and Mrs. Joah by Giving Back To Zondo through the construction of modern educational facilities on a ten acre parcel of land to construct an elementary school, Junior High School, Senior High School and a Junior College for the educational nourishment for the youthful population of this area.

St. Solomon Joah addressing the crowd, and buttressing his wife about the project

For his part, one of the Paramount Chiefs of the Community, Stephen G. Bardingar who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, promised that the entire population will be made available to provide their labour in the construction of these educational facilities, noting, “We are indeed proud of Pastor Joah and his wife, Tiangar Joah for their thoughtfulness for giving back to Zonddo, as our contribution towards such initiative, we will provide massively our labour,” Chief Bardingar in a resounding approach towards the project promised.

Students of the system gathered also to witness the occasion

Before the grand breaking ceremony, participants at this colorful occasion overwhelmingly made an encouraging pledges including Grand Bassa Senator, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence whose proxy pledged an initial 30 begs of cement while the other lawmakers from the County who were also invited did not show up nor their representatives at the occasion.

Another group of participants and students bof Soltiamon Christian School System

Despite the failure of the county’s lawmakers be at the program, the program was successfully held as chiefs, elders and other personalities in the community assured Pastor Joah and his wife their unflinching support to the successful completion of the project, noting that giving back to Zondo by the Joahs must be overwhelmingly applauded by all well-meaning Liberians.

One of the daughters of the Joahs, Atty. Mmonbeydo Nadine Joah who created the momentum for the rally, and also made an initial contribution of US$50.00 praised her parents for their farsightedness for giving back to Zondo educationally, and vowed to help in the process of creating an improved educational facility for the future leaders of the community.

A member of Soltimon Christian School System in Freetown, Sierra Leone came also for the occasion making remarks

Giving the historical back ground of the project, Mrs. Tiangay S. Joah who is also the master planner of ‘Giving Back To Zondo’ joyfully said this initiative by she and her husband is a result of the family realizing the importance role played in the life of her husband during his educational sojourn, adding, ‘We are proud to giving back to this community, and have promised to utilizing  the ten acre of land given to us by this community; with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ out dream will be realized,” Mrs. Joah told the gathering at the program.

Arrty. Mmonbeydo Nadine Joah, one of the daughters of Pastor and Mrs. Joah making remarks

For his part, Pastor Joah beeping with a glaring smile buttressed the words of his wife by adding more flavor of what she narrated earlier, stressing ‘Our dreams will be realized in the construction of this campus which will host modern educational facilities including an elementary to junior high school, Senior high school to college.

Pastor and Mrs. Joah addressing the media after the ground breaking program

At the end of a rally which was held to supplement the initiative of Pastor St. Solomon and Mrs. Tiangay S. Joah for their dreams to be realized, several thousands of Liberian Dollars and United States Dollars was raised through donation and cash


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