Girl, 18, Seeks Aid To Treat Massive Breast Disorder

(LINA) – At 18, little Annie Boima, a resident of Paynesville, is struggling with Gigantomachia, a rare condition characterized by excessive breast growth.

The illness has caused her severe pain for years and, as such, she is appealing for help to seek medical treatment.

Annie may require a surgery to treat the condition which sometimes occurs spontaneously, during puberty or pregnancy, or while taking certain medications.

However, she told the Liberia News Agency (LINA) that due to economic constraints, her family is unable to facilitate the treatment.

“I was eight years old when I started experiencing this growth in my breast. I was sent to my mother by my grandmother because she couldn’t afford to treat the illness,” Annie told LINA.

In addition to the severe pain which Annie is experiencing at night, she noted that she has been bullied on numerous occasions by friends and community dwellers, something she said is leading her into depression.

Annie said the closest she has ever come to treatment is when a lady (only identified as Love) attempted to help facilitate her treatment, but noted that the medical process was aborted due to unspecified reasons.

Doctors at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital have also informed Annie that the surgery to cure her growing breasts can be done in Liberia, a news she said, has since brought significant relief to her family.

Gigantomachia is a type of Breast Hypertrophy where excessive breast tissue is more than 2.5 kg. The enlargement can cause muscular disorder and over-stretching of the skin envelope, leading in some cases to ulceration.

Researchers have indicated that extremely large breasts are a source of considerable attention and, as such, some women try to hide or mask their breasts with special clothing, including minimizing bras.

They accordingly noted that women with said condition (Breast Hypertrophy) may be subjected to psychological problems due to unwanted attention and or harassment, while citing that depression is also common among sufferers.

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