Girl, 12, Gang Raped In Fishtown Community School

A 12 year old girl named Abigal Toe was on Sunday, June 19, 2022, gang raped by four boys in one of the classrooms of the Fish Town Community School.

According to the victim, her mother, Elizabeth Toe, send her to buy bread and tea and was accompanied by her little sister.

Leaving their Jayproken road, Abigail said a boy came their way and asked her to give them the money meant to buy her mom bread and tea ; which she refused. The boys then seized her and drove her little sister away by chasing her showing knives and scissors.

According to Alfred Sieh, the security officer on duty at the Fish Town Community School said he heard noise in one of the classrooms and notice someone crying.

“When I flash the light, I saw someone running from the classroom so I cut off the light and walk to the class, I flash the light and stood by the door and saw three boys and the girl on the ground crying saying they have raped her”, the officer narrated.

But the other boy whose father is a police officer assigned in Karwenken, officer Albert Norring,  son named Alpha Norring said the victim is his girl friend; so when I was asking him what the other three boys were doing there then they got scare and ran out, so I call the school principal to report the matter, the officer added.

The principal of the school, madam Teresa Chea, confirm that the security officer reported the case to her  by 1:28 am but was able to call Radio Gee and officer Agatha Potee, head of the Women and children protection section of the Liberia

National Police by 5am.

According the school authorities, the two persons identified by the victim and the security guard were former students of the institution.

Seated on a plank chair in the office of the principal awaiting police arrival, the victim with teary eyes said the the other boy(one of the perpetrators) Andrew Toe, popularly known asTerry, is a son to one of Christian Cheas’ drivers.

According to sources, the son of the police officer is a regular customer to the police cells. He was recently jailed for stealing someone phone and money. He is leading member of a group of thugs operating in Fish Town, River Gee County.

The father of the victim and the police were yet to come and take the victim to the hospital up to press time.

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