Ghanaians react to reports of Jackie marrying George Weah

By Armani Brooklyn- December 8, 2022

Jackie Appiah allegedly set to marry Liberian president George Weah on 10th December

According to a Ghanaian online,, wild news spreading uniformly on the internet alleges that one of Ghana’s most celebrated actresses, Jackie Appiah is set to marry football legend and president of Liberia, George Weah on December 26th.

Prior to the spread of the unconfirmed reports, it was already speculated in the media that the actress and the politician were in a secret affair.

This new wave of gossip was generated on Twitter and although the “there’s no smoke without fire” proverb wields many truisms, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of this report.

However, some social media users who seem to trust the news have shared their opinions on the whole issue and according to them, Jackie lied to her fans and Ghanaians that she acquired all her expensive properties through hard work not knowing her sugar daddy was the “ghost financier”

Recall that about three months ago, Jackie took over social media trends after sharing a video of her mighty mansion filled with modern gadgets.

After the video went viral on the internet, a lot of netizens strongly opined that she didn’t build the house on her own and as such, there was a mystery ma somewhere who financed the whole project.

This new report of Jackie Appiah agreeing to be the second wife of George Weah has vindicated the critics if there’s an iota of truth in it.

Below are how some Ghanaians have reacted to the reports of Jackie agreeing to be the second wife of George Weah.

Steve Wayford – Jackie of all people to be 2 wife this life money talk and she is willing to accept to be and good luck her.

Owoahene Kotoko – Finally, the mansion financier is out.

Diana Fiadziso – Wow congratulations am happy for her.

Richkwenor Owusu – women and money, plenty money that she is having she cannot marry a poor man so that she can also help him

Samuel Mensah – Now you all know where the mansions are coming from.. I am sorry for the Liberia Dollar… By now some fine lady bi too is enjoying our Ghana cedi shatta wale come for your stone

Bertha Adjei – This lady and smartness ah well, she knows what she is doing

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