George Weah Must Gather from Donald Trump 2nd Term Presidential Fall

By: Nathan P. Charles*

Flash Back: President George M. Weah and Mrs. George Weah (Liberia) and President Donald Trump and Mrs. Trump (United States

The people of the greatest democracy have spoken through an independent process in the USA, despite efforts by ‘demon god’ President Donald Trump, who occupies the highest seat of the land with controversy rocking his four years period.

Sadly!!, reminisced of him will be a one term President.

However, in Liberia since Mr. George M. Weah was elected President, hopes are fallen far below as the “Hope for Change” the soccer icon who gained his presidential moral, promised is yet to be achieved, running almost 3-years.

Currently, Liberia’s financial system is crumbling, economic hardship has increase, companies are pouring out, corruption, secret killings, lack of electricity, health facilities, public schools, are just amongst the many issues in Liberia.

As elections year draws near in 2023, Mr. Weah might step in the same one term president path  as Mr. Donald Trump, if reality in the country does not change.

The now one term US President, Donald Trump literally became a pain in throats of Americans, as he banned travels from some Muslims countries, separating immigrant kids from parents in prisons walls, referring to Mexicans as rapists, drifting away from trade deals, forcing companies to shut down couple with other weird acts which contravene the true America and what it stands for.

He’s been described as the worst President ever in the 20th century of the US, because he has never followed presidential protocols, clash and throw jabs on social media (Twitter) to his rivals.

Last before he fell from Grace to Grass in his political life, he attempted changing the CHOICE of the people of America after elections. Without shame, Trump described the elections process as Fraud; dragged the process to court without substantial evidence. The well noted busines guru Mr. Trump, ordered his supporters to move on the US Capitol to what he calls “Teach a lesson to Lawmakers” who were gathered to endorse the electoral college votes. The situation was awful and the first in the country’s democracy.

However, Lawmakers were resolved to do just what they took oaths for and refused to go home, spending hours accomplishing their duties.

In Liberia Africa’s Oldest Republic, it appears that Mr. Weah and his loyalist are playing a blind eye on the reality in Liberia aimed at keeping their hopes high to achieve their personal goals.

If Mr. Weah and his beneficiaries who are exploiting Libera are blind to know if nothing is done quickly to improve the lives of the Liberian people, he might just be KICK out democratically during the 2023 elections.

Signs are glaring that Liberians are feed-up with the prolong sufferings as recent Senatorial elections shows how the Ruling party performed decimal in the elections.

Even in the nation’s capital Monrovia, where Mr. Weah won when he contested the county’s seat and even during the Presidential race, he could not snatch it from the opposition during the just ended senatorial elections for his party’s candidate despite campaigning vigorously.

Like Professor Jones Dopoe said in his song, “Sweet Cassava Leafe” and mentioned the phrase  ‘Power is sweet it can make you heavy….’ hope such power has not corrupted the Liberian leader and his close associates who are running the affairs of the country.

Opposition are blasting that Mr. Weah and his associate are running Libera like “A friendship club” something they attributed to the increase in hardship.

Like the US recent elections results which clearly shows that if a leader is not competent or professional in administering the affairs of the state and power given him/her, such person can be booted out after one term in office.

There are stay hope for Mr. Weah to turn the wheels of fortune for his 2nd term presidential quest, if he actually follows the desired that give birth to the Congress for Democratic Change now Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). Even his close associate must gather the courage not to mislead the Liberian leader.

Currently, thousands of Liberians are now denied access to health care, out of schools, lacking jobs, food, shelter amongst others.

Political suppression, using money to shield some media owners and journalists mouths or people from talking the facts can in no way save Mr. Weah political ambition, but rather lifting the Liberian people from abject poverty is the only option in his remining first term if he so desires to seek a second term.

Let Mr. Weah and his associates’ see that the writings are clear on the wall and that majority of Liberians are suffering and are getting disappointed with his leadership.

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