George Weah is unfit to lead Liberia – A Globe Afrique Report

President George Weah shows that football is far more critical than leading this country of roughly 5 million people. George Weah remains one of the most incompetent and corrupt presidents in post-war Liberia, and he is unfit to lead the country for another minute, let alone 13 months.

The Legislators need to investigate his wasteful spending and impeach him for violating the constitution. If the legislators don’t act, the people must immediately protest his government until he returns to the country.

After wasting millions on foreign lobbying that did not amount to anything other than sanctions on his Minister of State, McGill, his Solicitor General, Cephas, and his crooked Director, he continues to waste millions on inconsequential travels that do not amount to anything of value to Liberia.

Also complicit are the pro-Weah and anti-Liberian-people sycophants who continue to spread outrageous lies that the President is saving money by avoiding traveling to and from Liberia when all the while, he’s seen at football matches.

Liberians should not allow these lies to go unchallenged, and media operatives that will enable this level of disinformation to flourish on their platforms are implicit in the fleecing of Liberia.

George Weah is a poor example of a leader and continues to create an environment that has led to unrest in other countries. In an environment where the judiciary hasn’t been paid, and other civil servants have not been paid in months, you have the court jester (Kalasco) galivanting at the World Cup with VIP tickets.

The Maritime boss has multiple lobbying contracts and a U.S. team managing Maritime affairs. So why is he traveling with the President?

After allegedly laundering millions under the guise of foreign lobbying and being labeled a kleptocracy by Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey, George Weah has shattered the people of Liberia’s trust in democracy and leadership. He remains a threat to Liberia’s democracy. George Weah is unfit to lead Liberia.

Source: Globe Afrique

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