Gender Ministry Official Nominated For ‘Integrity Idol Award’

Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Piso Saydee Tar

The Technical Assistant for Research, Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection  Patricia Togba, has attributed her nomination by Accountability Lab Liberia Chapter for the Integrity Idol Award to the fruit of her hard work, dedication and commitment over the years in the public space.

Togba said as a good team player and a person who embodies skills and the ability to cultivate an exceptional interpersonal relationship with others, she has always endeavored to dedicate herself to the job and additional responsibilities given to her.

Togba said Wednesday in an interview with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) that the issue of integrity and honesty comes in various forms, emphasizing that commitment on the job, which includes timeliness, tidiness and productivity, counts a lot.

“As a civil servant you have already vowed to be a productive person and live as a civil servant, coming to work on time and being productive on the job is very important,” Togba noted.

She sees accountability as “a very important element in a person’s life,” encouraging Liberians to always be honest on the job and not to do things which run contrary to their job requirements or moral principles.

Through personal counselling, Togba told LINA, she has contributed positively to the lives and wellbeing of some of her colleagues, citing how some of them appreciate her a lot for rendering such service which pushed them a little upward in life.

Togba urged Liberians to imbue the attitude of working diligently whenever they are called to serve whether in public or private service.

Alluding to her nomination, Togba noted that “the world is a place where people observe one another and make recommendations. I will therefore encourage everyone to serve faithfully so that you will be appreciated, like what is happening in my case.”

She affirmed that she was amazed over being nominated for the award because she never knew that she was being watched while performing her duties as a civil servant.

“I am so proud of myself and also proud of those that nominated me,” she added.

Accountability Lab Liberia Chapter recently informed Togba through a communication of her nomination along with 2,736 honest civil and public servants for this year’s “Integrity Idol Award.”

Togba was informed that after a careful screening process, the nominees were narrowed to the best 35, but the number was subsequently reduced to the top five by a panel of three independent judges.

The Accountability Lab Liberia Chapter flagship project entitled Integrity Idol Liberia (IIL) Award is intended to name and fame honest civil and public servants across Liberia.

The Integrity Idol Award is also a national movement which is intended to celebrate honest civil and public servants across the country to serve as role models.

The project has been in existence for the past three years.


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