Gbanken, Wedabo Communities In Grand Kru Say They’re Disappointed In GVL Liberia For Dismissing Constantly Their Citizens

By: Emmanuel S. Koffa/ GNN Correspondent| Grand Kru County|

Some citizens expressing their frustration

Golden Veroleum Liberia, the oil palm operational plantations in Grand Kru County has decided to layoff over one hundred employees in past, as the concession company attributed decision to COVID-19.

The concession company in the county decided to maintain a small labor force, the continue dismissal of workers in the company purportedly affected the Gbanken community including other communities where GVL operating in the county.

Speaking to GNN on the continued dismissal of workforce by GVL, one of the elder’s in Gbanken Wedabo District Wilfred Nyenneh, explained that GVL promises to employ 117 citizens in the community base on the MOU signed and the enlargement of land provided to the company.

Eder Nyanneh said, the agreement was reached in the provisional MOU that was signed between the Gbanken Community and the Golden Veroleum Liberia.

He maintained that, the heaters of the land given to GVL are entitled to 702 that will enable GVL employ the 117 Employees’ in the community.

Nyanneh noted that out of 117 citizens to be employed but 86 are been employed and 32 are yet to be employed. Wilfred Nyanneh described the acts of GVL as bad labor practice in the county. Cue in…

Wilfred  further that, management of GVL promised the Gbanken Community in one of their meeting that at the close of 2020 GVL will employ the balance 32 out of 117 but currently GVL is dismissing employees in the community after the oil palm concession company first redundancy in the county.

He alleged that, after three persons was affected during GVL redundancy in the county; additional three persons are reported dismissed in the Gbanken community completing the number of six.

He maintained his statement as spoke person of the Gbanken people that, the activities’ of GVL in Gbanken community has been put to hurt until GVL can employ the balance 32 including the affected six persons in the community.

Plee, one of the affected securities during the GVL recent redundancy said that he has been with the company for some years, concerned about how he would fend for his family members in the home.

Plee who served in the security field for almost 30 years with other companies, NGOs, contributes his experience, said the issue of company redundancy is when an employee’s spent 25 years with the company before redundant , but regrets the situation of Golden Veroleum Liberia in the county.

“ I been working with GVL since 2014 and now that the company put me down without even telling me in-time and with this coronavirus business,[ I worry about] how my family will eat and it’s really painful’’ Plee said.

Meanwhile, speaking as a youth representative, the secretary general of the Gbanken community Anthony Wreh, expressed disappointment of GVL alleged continues dismissing of workers and called on relevant authority that responsible to take actions against GVL officials to stop all bad labor practices in the county.

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