Gasoline Crisis Yet To Be Over, As Hundreds Queue At Filling Stations At 3am To Get A Gallon

Hundreds Queued at filling stations for gas

As early as 3am a long queue of vehicles owners sleeplessly crave at various filling stations in their bid to get a hold of a gallon of gasoline for their vehicles as been restricted in order to allow others to be served for the day.

Many Liberians who were preparing to attend the Country’s 163rd Armed Forces Day today, February 11, 2020 were unable to do so due to the lack of gasoline in their respective vehicles.

Ordinary Liberians who have been stranded over the past few days due to the unavailability of the product were seem murmuring over the unbearable situation they are been faced with, blaming the government of its insensibility to the plight of the ordinary.

For others who believed they have understood the current predicament of the government, blamed the situation on the narrowness of the Port which has over the past prevented larger cargo ships to be docked, many of which usually brings   petroleum products, such of which (Gasoline) has now become a gold dust for both commuters and vehicles owners.

Recently, Liberia’s Minister of Commerce & Industry, Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh assured the public of the arrival of the product, and further noted that importers in the sector had also promised the availability of the product on the Liberian market, but up to date this assurance by the Minister seems not to be a reality as the shortage of the product continue to be a nightmare to Liberians including foreign residents.

Petty traders of the product continue to skyrocket prices with many selling a gallon of gas at One Thousand Seven Hundred Liberian Dollars instead of the pump price of Six Hundred and Fifteen Liberian Dollars. Report says in some leeward counties the product is sold at Two Thousand Five Hundred Liberian Dollars by petty traders, because the product cannot be found in filling stations.

Now the one million dollars question being asked by many is, when will this gasoline shortage crisis will end?  As locals are finding it very difficult to get to their various destinations, including work places, they have resolved to blame their absence on gas shortage or ‘No car to come to work on time, because there is no gasoline.”

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