Ganta City Overwhelms As ANC Re-elects Cummings And 15 Legislative Aspirants

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) at a one-day convention has re-elected Mr. Alexander Cummings  as its Standard Bearer, along with 15 senators and representatives as  candidates to contest in the general and presidential elections slated for October 10, this year.

The decision was reached at the ANC Fifth National Convention held in the historic city of Gompa, Nimba County over the weekend.

The name of the candidates are to be submitted to the National Elections Commission (NEC), while Mr.Cummings name is to be forwarded for endorsement by the Collaborating Political Parties at its first National Convention to be held Saturday, May 13, 2023.

The Alternative National Congress is in a collaboration with the Liberty Party, and scores of prominent Liberians and political axuallies committed to making Mr. George Weah, a one term President, come October 10, Presidential elections this year.

Mr. Cummings in an acceptance statement, expressed gratitude for his re-election as Standard Bearer and vowed that he will uphold the trust and work assiduously to bring about real change in the socio-economic life of the suffering masses.

Cummings stressed his strong commitment to restore good governance and warned that he will have zero tolerance for corruption. He also confirmed that wasteful spending in public service will be a habit of the past.

He said there will be strict adherence to democratic norms and the merit system and will reject the age-old practices including brown envelope for lawmakers, which are deemed counter productive to the principles of good governance. He cautioned ANC partisans and supporters against political banditry, lawlessness and character assassinations of political opponents and adversaries and admonished them tk act civil during these campaign periods leading to the October 10 elections.

The ANC Standard Bearer expressed great optimism of a Cummings presidency and promised a government of inclusion of all Liberians, irrespective of political and religious affiliations, or ethnicity, and that access and rights to jobs and opportunities will be strictly based on the merit system and the law.

The ANC Fifth National Convention was attended by over 250 member delegates from the 15 political subdivision of Liberia as well as delegates from the United States, Canada and other parts of the world.

Remarks were made by various axuallies including youth and women groups, legislators and prominent Liberian politicians as well as party stalwarts, reaffirming the moral integrity, qualifications and competence of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings to ably administer the affairs of Liberia, leading to economic prosperity. short supply.

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