Fragile Economic Situation In Liberia Seems Irritating As Diaspora Liberians Wonder About The Future Of Homeland

Central Bank of Liberia

Liberians back home and abroad are said to be concern about the current unbearable situation, particularly the fragile economic situation in their homeland, wondering as to what will become the status of in months ahead; as situation continues to worsen.

Several Liberians who spoke to the GNN, especially those in the United States, and those back home say they are confused and wearied over the current economic situation which seems to be a serious challenge to many who are now thinking as to what needs to be done to swiftly overcome these challenges that are affecting every segment of the Liberian society.

Information gathered by the GNN revealed that many Liberians, especially those back home are finding it very difficult to cope with these challenges including the rapid shortage of money at various banking institutions in the country.

Local money transfer bureaus including mobile money centers are also said to be facing similar challenges with the lack of sufficient funds to be disbursed to their respective customers, while those urgently in need of Liberian Dollars cannot easily lay their hand hands on their own money whenever they went to the bank for withdrawal.

“Can you imagine following the death of my mother I went to the bank to withdraw my money deposited at one of the local banks in Monrovia almost in the amount over sixty-five thousand Liberian dollars, I was only allowed to withdraw Five Thousand Liberian Dollars, can you imagine that. It is frustrating,” Annie Freeman, a resident of Monrovia speaking to GNN in an exclusive interview tears said.

Like Annie’s frustration, others are facing similar situation, they cannot collect money from the accounts, even those who send money back home to their friends, relatives and other family members encountered similar situation, monies sent to Liberia cannot be collected from the banks due to the lack of money at these bank.

“Many of these banks complained that they do not have money, with the exception of the International Bank Liberia, formerly the ITC, It is frustrating my brother, we are dying each day, no money and salaries of employees who are working as civil servants cannot get their salaries for nearly three to five months; where are we heading to,” another Liberian who spoke to the GNN wondered.

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