Former Ruling NDPL National Chairman Blasts Weah-Led Administration

A signatory of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and National Chairman of the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL) has blasted the Weah-led Administration for its alleged refusal to recognize those who sacrifice their lives to restore peace in Liberia following the bloody Civil War.

Hodo Merriam, said since President George Weah ascendancy to the highest seat of the Nation, he is yet to organize or certificate the signatories of the CPA as was done by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

“ While will Ellen recognized and certificated us during National Programs for the sacrifices we made in Accra to bring peace in Liberia and George Weah who is a Native boy will not do so since six years he became President”, the old-age politician told the GNN

According to the long time politician, it is unfortunate that during the celebration of national events, the President and his officials including Minister of State for Presidential Affairs who he said were all in Accra Ghana will failed to give recognition to him and others who immensely contributed to ensuring that peace returns to the Country.

The NDPL National Chairman Hodo Merriam said even-though they have gone to Accra-Ghana for three weeks, they have to spent nearly three months due to the contentious nature of the discussions which saw the election of former Interim President Charles Gyude Bryant as head of State.

Hodo Merriam told Prime FM News that when he was elected as Vice Chairman, he had to give out the post to former Vice Chairman of the Transition government Wesley Johnson because the chairman Gyude Bryant and his vice Chairman could not hail from the same county.

He said all of these sacrifices made to end the years of civil unrest in Liberia cannot be ignored by President George Weah who he considers as a Native of the soil.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Party of Liberia Chairman has expressed disappointment and frustration over the withdrawal of the Unity Party from the CPP by the Party’s Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

Hodo Merriam said the disintegration of the CPP clearly indicates a free ride to President Weah serious term election, adding that the former Vice President Joseph Boakai has lost the trust and confidence of the Liberian people.

According to the NDPL Chairman, it would have been prudent and wise for Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai who was the chair of the CPP to stay in the collaboration and reconcile and resolve the conflict for the common good of the Liberian citizens.

He also frowned on the lawsuit and counter-lawsuits among leaders of the collaboration where Benoni Urey of the ALP sued Alexander Cummings of the ANC and Chairman Musa Bility and Senator Darius Dillon lawsuit on the other hand.

Hodo Merriam said Joseph Boakai would have demonstrated leadership if he had stay and arrest all of these situations and restore calm to the collaboration.

The long time Liberian politician who revealed that he had earlier supported Amb. Boakai’s Presidential Bid vowed to now support President George Weah for his re-election, adding that Boakai and other officials of the crumble CPP were on child’s play.

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