Former President Weah Replies Mulbah K. Morlu On His Resignation

Following his submission of his letter of resignation last week to the political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), former Liberian President, George Manneh Weah, a letter of reply has been reportedly sent to Mr. Morlu.

Below is the full text of a reply to Morlu’s resignation by the former President.

Mr. Morlu,

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of resignation and wish to thank you for your service to the Mighty Coalition for  Democratic Change(CDC) over the years.

The CDC, as a grassroot political institution, has had to constantly evolve in order to meet the needs of its constituents and the Liberian people as a whole. We look forward to yet another hopeful period of transition to a new and more vibrant leadership.

I note your mention of several instances of disagreements with me over the period of your chairmanship. Let me remind you that what you referred to as differences evolved from my insistance that we always show respect for our partisans, respect for our leaders and respect, and adherence to the foundational tenets of the CDC.

As it is with all democratic institutions, the CDC brings together Liberians from various social and political persuasions, which makes the collision of views inevitable.

It is our hope that the different perspectives we express on the discourse of the day ought to strengthen our resolve to continually seek the interest of our people.

We, however, appreciate your leadership and long service to the CDC.

Let me also stress that the CDC has continued to engage internationally as the largest grassroot political institution in the country. I myself have maintained strong personal relationships and respect with manifold actors and institutions of the international community. This is both a strategic and existential necessity that has kept the party vibrant, progressive and strong. This is a path from which we will not disengage.

As we reset and reinvigorate the CDC, let us not forget the founding mantra of service to the people of Liberia at all times with the party remaining the supreme instrument to foster this goal.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Very sincerely,

H.E. George Manneh Weah

Standard Bearer

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