Former President Of Liberia’s Press Union, Abdullah Kamara Is Dead

PUL Former President, K. Abdullah Kamara Is Dead

Latest news reaching the GNN-Liberia has disclosed the sudden death of the former President of the Press Union of Liberia Mr. Kamara A. Kamara, affectionately called many of his pears prior sudden ‘KAK’ death news has shocked the Liberian media community.

According to report coming from Bong County where the incident took place and rushed at the Phebe Hospital by 1 a. m. Tuesday, April 17, that he was brought in “unconscious.” Dr. Arthur Jones Wuoh, a General Practitioner, assigned at that hospital in Suacoco, Bong County, said they had done all to revive him; adding: “Sadly, he didn’t come to. Our sympathy to the bereaved family and the Liberian Media Community.”

Dr. Wuoh also told reporters that when KAK was rushed in, he (Wuoh) was presented with his history that he was found in his hotel room unconscious having seizures and oozing blood and fume from his mouth.

“When we checked his level of consciousness on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), we found that his was at the lowest: 3/15. Every normal person is 15/15,” he explained. He also disclosed that that they had noticed that “he had suffered from injury on the brain.”

According to him reviving any patient at that lowest level is not impossible in science but just very hard.

Another Medical Doctor also assigned at Phebe, Dr. Joseph Vanyanbah, too, said  that he had been informed that KAK had developed Cardiovascular or Cerebrovascular Accident (CD/VA), “meaning he came down with stroke.”

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