Former President Charles Taylor’s Press Secretary, Sylvester Paasewe Is Dead

The late Sylvester Vanii Paasewe

One of Liberia’s proliferate writers, political analysts and respected journalists, Sylvester Vanii Paasewe has died following a protracted illness, according to family source.

Mr. Paasewe died on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 in Monrovia, he was intelligent, hardworking and caring prior to his demise, he worked for the Liberia Communications Network and most recently the National Elections Commission of Liberia.

During the reign of the former Liberian leader, Charles Ghanky Taylor he served as Presidential Press Secretary.

The family of the late Paasewe can be contacted through his daughter, Vennesa Paasewe, in Liberia at 231 770 155119 or 231 886 098 453. Otherwise in the USA, you contact Mandela C. Paasewe at 973 419 9245.

May his soul rest in perpetual peace.

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