Minister of Public Works, Roland Giddings, and Bomai Kamara; Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

Former NRF CEO, Boniface Satu Congratulates Both Roland Giddings And Bomai Kamara For Their Respective Confirmation By The Liberian Senate

The former Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Fund of Liberia, Boniface D. Satu has publicly congratulated Senate confirmed Minister of Public Works, Roland Giddings, and Bomai Kamara; Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

In a dispatch from the United States, Mr. Satu said, “Congratulations to Hon. Roland Giddings for your nomination by the President of the Republic of Liberia as Minister of Public Works and Hon. Bomai Kamara for your conformation by the Liberian Senate as Minister, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. Both entity is a key institution to the development objectives of the President and the Country.

Listening to both of you I believe you have the requisite knowledge and competence to ensure that we change the approach to public sector financial management and infrastructure development for the greater good of the country. It is my hope that you consider these few pointers.

  1. Under our administration the National Road Fund management commissioned and completed studies on Additional Revenue Mobilization as per the National Road Fund Act of December 2016 on Road User Charges. When implemented we could increase our revenue to Approximately 50million per annual. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  2. We need our national budget to focus on capital investment and infrastructure financing that will create private sector activities to create jobs for our people. The National budget cannot be driven by administrative and operating expenses. Less than 1% of our people are government employees therefore we need to encourage a private sector that create jobs opportunity for our people.
  3. We also carryout Study tour to Sierra Leone and Mozambique on the implementation of toll system. We found financing with UBA bank to setup the infrastructure to pilot the toll system in Liberia. Thanks to the Former Ambassador to Sierra Leone for her leadership to meet with Sierra Leone authorities.
  4. Ring Fence the National Road Fund Fuel collection of @25cent into an Escrow Account instead of the GOL Consolidated Account. Once that is done it will create confidence with our international Partners and our International partners to participate in marching funds and attract international financing institution to participate in Private Public Partnership or direct financing of major road project.
  5. Complete the reform of the Ministry of Public Work.
  6. Finally, the Amendment of the Road Fund Act was debated at the legislature for passage once that is done the NRF will be a second-generation fund which will attract donor support.

Most of the recommendation supra could change the story of our road sector.

Study Tour – (Legislatures, AFDB, MPW, NRF) of two African Countries Ghana & Tanzania. Study to Sierra Leone with (Legislatures, AFDB, MPW, NRF)

Research & Development Study:

This summary report gives options with projections of as sources for domestic revenue mobilizations once implement, we could increase our funds to approximately 50million per annual.

The contradicting statements from the former and current presidents sparked public debate in the country, something that prompted the House of Representatives to summon CBL Governor, Alloysius Tarlue, to appear before that august body to clarify exactly how much was in the account.

During his appearance on Thursday, February 1, 2024, Governor Tarlue’s testimony before members of the House seem to have validated former President Weah’s claim of leaving US$40M in the account.

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