Former Liberian Journalist Provides Vocational Skills Training To Several Women

L-R: Graduates And Former Liberian Journalist Mr. Y. Solomon W. Watkins

As part of his effort to lift women out of poverty by improving their livelihoods, former Liberian journalist, Mr. Y. Solomon W. Watkins has endeavour to provide vocational skills training to several women within Montserrado County Electoral District #10.

The first cycle of the training programs, which are being offered through the Watkins Initiative for Nation (WIN) came to a successful climax on Sunday, October 10, 2021 with the first batch of 35 women graduating.

Speaking at the closing of the first cycle and the launch of the second cycle, the Vision Bearer of WIN, Mr. Watkins, disclosed that the initiative, which targets 5,000 beneficiaries, in District and beyond, aims to provide livelihood opportunities for women and girls.

“There is a need to uplift people out of poverty, as poverty is entrenched in our society and there is a need for capacity building. We may go backwards with our poverty statistics as projected by the World Bank, if we don’t take actions to reduce poverty by building the minds of people,” Watkins asserted.

The former Liberian journalist pointed out that the future of the generation is at stake if nothing at all is done to remedy the situation.

“We need to revert that through empowerment. We will not stop doing what we are doing because we believe in you and you believe in us. We are here again to launch another cycle of the program with some new disciplines. This initiative goes beyond our district, but the district has the advantage; meaning that since we are targeting 5,000 beneficiaries at least 4,000 must come from this district,” added Watkins with a caution to the district to look carefully to elect a leader who has a mission and vision for them.

The windows and doors are wide opened. 100 percent for women and 50 percent for men….

We lack leaders. We will relent in producing leaders. We need a united district by getting a leader that will carry that vision for our people.

Mr. William Whitfield, guest speaker at the occasion, lauded Mr. Watkins for his contributions to the nation’s building process by encouraging women’s participation.

“These kinds of trainings are aimed at empowering women and increasing their participation. This is one of such for inclusive participation. The WIN initiative provides the platforms for independence and women’s participation,” stated Whitfield.

According to him, vocational and technical education is good for economic empowerment and self-independence.

“This is a worthy cause and liberation from poverty. But let me remind you that graduation is not the ticket to heaven, you need to move forward. Know yourself; live in a world that is created by you. You must make that decision of how you want to prosper. Know your friends and Know where you are going,” added Whitfield.

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