Former Grand Kru Supt. Rosalind Tonne Sneh Says There Is A Brighter Future For The County

By: Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent |Grand Kru County |

The former Superintendent of Grand Kru County, Madam Rosalind Tonne Sneh has said there are indicators for the County to make what she call a noteworthy gains if a good leader is elected in the County.

Madam Sneh who is currently visiting her home county said, the hope of Liberians is still alive amidst economic challenges which have seriously engulfed the country.

Speaking further with a team of reporters in the county, madam Sneh indicated that the problems being faced with Liberia today are not necessarily created only under the leadership of President George Weah, but noted that it requires innovative and systematic policy to address the situations in the country.

On the issue of the agriculture sector in the County, Madam Sneh said she sees the sector as priority issue which needs to be addressed, and further noted that when local food are produced on the Liberian market, it will help to arrest the inflation of the US Dollars and the increased in the exchange rate in the country.

Speaking on her visit in the county, Madam Sneh said, the purpose of her current visit to the county is to also observe this year’s July 26 Independence Day which marked Liberia’s 173rd anniversary with her people in the county.

Madam Sneh said as part of her official visit in the county she has initiated series of town hall meetings concerning her senatorial bid in the pending midterm election aimed at unseating the incumbent Senator.

The current lawmaker, Senator Peter Coleman who tenure expires has expressed his intention to seek re-election.

The Grand Kru county former superintendent Rosaline Shen is encouraging the county authorities and lawmakers to design programs that will bring about peace and reconciliation.

She maintained that after the presidential and general elections in 2017, citizens went their separate ways, but the current leadership can break the stone by reuniting people despite their political affiliations.

Madam Sneh also urged her fellow kinsmen’s to think about what they can do to see a better Grand Kru. She made the disclosure when our GNN, Grand Kru Correspondent visited her compound in Barclayville.

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