Former First Lady Of Liberia, Nancy B. Doe Voices Out On Zoe Emmanuel Pennue’s Senatorial Bid

L/R: Mrs. Nancy B. Doe and Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue

As the midterm senatorial bid draws closer come December 8, 2020, one of the candidates in the race from Grand Gedeh, Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue of District #2 bid for the race seems to be bleak amongst citizens of the County, as a prominent daughter of the County and former First Lady of Liberia, Mrs. Nancy B. Doe has issued a powerful statement calling on Grand Gedeans not to vote for Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue in the upcoming midterm senatorial elections.

In a press statement issued today, October 3, 2020, and a copy in the possession of this outlet, Mrs. Doe said, “It is with a heavy heart that I am releasing this statement. Nevertheless, as the head of my household, I must protect myself and my children from Zoe Emmanuel Pennue. My appeal is in two parts.”

Madam Doe in the statement also sent her message to the international community on her quest to allow her kinsman to ascend to the senatorial seat, adding, “I am appealing to the  international  community  not  to  allow  Zoe,  his  wife Inezand  his  business  partners  to  use  my husband’s documents which he illegally obtained 30 years ago. Zoe’s mother Tdisho Lucy Pennue and my husband are brother and sister (same mother and father).  So I have known Zoe all his life, and he was very young when my husband was President”, stressing further Mrs. Doe continued, “I have tried to hide all the wickedness Zoe Emmanuel Pennue has inflicted upon me since the death of my husband.  We  all  know  that  Zoe  is  working  overtime to  steal  the Senatorial election  in  Grand  Gedeh  through briberies, witchcraft activities, human sacrifices, intimidation and obtaining false documents for non-eligible paid supporters to illegally vote for him.  If Zoe wins this election, I know that my life will be in danger.”

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