Former Chief Justice Scott Rejects Police Claims That She Refuses To Cooperate For Investigation

Amid wide spread information on social media and other outlets quoting Liberia National Police authorities that since the incident of attack on the residence of the former Liberian Chief Justice, Cllr. Glora Maya Musu Scott that let the death of her daughter, and wounding others, she has reportedly refused to cooperate with the police, Cllr. Scott has publicly denied such allegation.

Speaking to Journalists at the LNP, former Chief Justice Gloria Scott, denied a police report that she was refusing to cooperate with investigators.

Justice Scott said following the unforeseen incident at her residence, she has repeatedly worked with three separate teams of police investigators and wonders why authorities of the LNP were misinforming the public that she had refused to cooperate with police investigators.

“Many persons do not know this. Following the night of this incident and the Redemption Hospital had diagnosed that the little girl was declared dead, I went straight to the home of the Justice Minister, and at that time he assigned two police officers with me. The next day, I encountered police investigators. Even now, this seems like an unending nightmare. That same day they came and talked to me and the following day another team of police came and talked to me. On Friday, the week following the incident, the Justice Minister and a team of investigators talked to me also. At that time nobody had told me that they needed to talk to other members of my household. ”

“Taking into consideration various media reports of police that I was refusing regardless of prior investigation with me, this is the time I began to simmer down the cause in law school we were told that only a fool takes upon himself a defense. So, all that had been in the media both locally and internationally of my refusal to cooperate with the investigators, this is what I’m speaking to. From my experience and training when the investigation is conducted, the investigating institutions are allowed to proceed with their work, and even when they are giving an update to the public, m you speak to secure the investigation; to protect the integrity of investigation. But the whole narrative that had been out there that counselor Scott had refused to cooperate with the police investigator is what I’m speaking to. This investigation is critical and from my training and experience, this investigation must be handled professionally. Former Chief Justice Gloria Scott started.

On the issue of whether she recognized Varlee Telleh, on the night of the attack, former Justice Scott stated that the source of information will respond to that, but she remembered that the person within their home the night of the incident, killed her little granddaughter.

She stated that she encountered the person physically in the eye with the paper spray because it was the question of life and death.

Minutes before the appearance of former Justice Scott and a team of lawyers, police authorities prevented the presence of a journalist.

Police spokesman Moses Cater told Journalists that the measure was to protect the ongoing investigation, as police would provide updates subsequently.

The action by the police sparked mixed reactions by journalists expressing doubts about getting first-hand accounts of both investigators and victims amidst claims and counterclaims

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