Former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott Says ‘Dowry Payment’ Is A Legal Wedding

Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice of Liberia

As many ponder over the legalization of dowry payment before making their marriage official, the former Chief Justice of Liberia, Gloria Musu Scott in her social media (Face Book) post explained the importance of dowry payment.

Noting on her post, the former Chief Justice said, “I was amazed to understand that many Liberian persons didn’t know that the  dowry payment ceremony was a legal wedding with legal implications and consequences,” giving for detail, she said,  You can obtain a license to be signed at the ceremony, to dissolve the traditional marriage you must obtain a divorce certificate, the  husband is entitled to multiple wives, the head wife must consent to the additional marriage, upon the death of the husband, the multiple wives are entitled to 1/3 of the deceased husband’s estate.

This explanation by the learned Liberian lawyer has publicly clear the doubts of many who have wondering over the legality of dowry payment and wedding.

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