Former Auditor General, John Morlu Writes, Exposes Ex-President Sirleaf  For Shielding Corrupt Officials

John S. Morlu, Liberia’s former Auditing General

The former Auditor General of Liberia, John Sembe Morlu II has publicly posted on his ‘Face Book’ wall expressing his disappointment in former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on how she shield her government officials who ‘Stole public funds’ and went with impunity, making specific reference of the former Minister of Public Works, Loseni Donzon.

See below the full text of Mr. Morlu’s allegation outlining how it happened:

“1. Loseni Donzo was public works minister who wasted a million and half US$ on the Jallah Town Road; we conducted the audit and found him wanted, Sirleaf got the report instead of being angry at minister Donzo she got angry at me for raising the issue.

In the midst of public outcry, Sirleaf went on nation radio and told the Liberian people it was “Trial and Error.” She even included her Trial and Error in the state of nation address and the legislators, political leaders and everyone else started laughing and turned to look at me.

For me that was not even funny, watching such amounts of public money can lend you in prison in America but in Liberia the president laughed it off as though no big deal.

But you know who was not laughing?  The poor Liberian people, they made noise until Sirleaf removed Donzo but she soon made him “Advisor to the President on Infrastructure.”

And from that date forward the “Trial and Error” mentality became the norm. ” Sirleaf had developed the temple for every to “cut and paste.”

  1. “Cut and paste” the budget became the standard practice in government; Minister of Finance.
  2. “We had to bribe the Legislature” committee on concessions to pass the law became the standard Excuse. NOCAL.
  3. “We can’t tell you how we spend $4m on Guthrie because it’s national security.” Huge “Oh, yes “national security on Guthrie Rubber Plantation. Minister of Agriculture.
  4. “I agree $5 million missing but I was not there.”
  5. Give me your ministry bank statements for the audits, “you political,” “you witch hunting me,” “you want to be president.”😀 Mills Jones got so mad at me at the German Ambassador for asking for bank statements to the point Sirleaf had to little get between us he seems he was to punch me in the face while Harry Greaves looked on smiling. Thank God all the newspapers were there and they saw it all.
  6. The gender minister was caught manufacturing documents and she was removed from office months later. Took a clean sheet and wrote receipts, and put sheets on the cement floor and had her staff stepping on it all day to make it look old. One of the staff whistleblower.
  7. What you do with the county development fund and he says if I tell you will not put me in the report. He wrote and signed willingly that he divided the money among the bong County Legislature at the “Chinese Restaurant.” And he said you know your father and I were going out with the two sisters in bong county. I said dude, my father is dead and you are here to account for the money. He left immediately and by 2pm he was on radio castigating me, saying I coerced him to write his narrative.
  8. Give me the custom “Liquidation Report,” the customer officer says I have asked my boss the commissioner. The commissioner says he has to ask his boss, the assistant minister of revenue, then assistant minister of revenue says he has to asked the deputy minister, deputy minister says he has to ask the minister of finance. Never got.”

There you have it: these were few of the reasons the UP-LED government was branded as being three times more corrupt than the Gyude Bryant-led government.

Yet the very folks from the Unity Party ARE THE ONES MAKING THE LOUDEST NOISE!”, Morlu in his post declared.

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