Following Massive Protest In Sierra Leone, President Bio Retires 3 Army Generals

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio

The big crackdown President Maada Bio promised,  after he sneaked in from London where he was on a private trip when the country exploded in chaos this week has started —And it has begun in the Army.

According to a local Sierra Leonean online paper, Cocorioco, the Army Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. Sullay Sesay from the North  has been removed and replaced by Peter Lavahun from the Southeast, who was also promoted to Lt. General.

The Assistant Chief of Defence Staff, Brig. Gen. Ronnie Harleston, a Creole from the Western Area, was also removed and retired , with three officers appointed to the position.

Predictably, President Bio has continued his habit of pitchforking Mendes into leadership positions as the new Chief of Defence Staff and two new assistants, Commodore Philip J. Juana and Air Commodore John Gbondo, are also Mendes. President Bio’s tribalism was one of the reasons for the violent street demonstrations in Sierra Leone on Wednesday.

Lt. Gen. Sullay Sesay was removed as head of the army because of President Bio’s distrust of Northerners.


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