FOG-GLOBAL Wants President Weah’s Administration Fly Wounded University Students Out Of Liberia

AUGUST 3, 2022: The global movement for the election of Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe is calling on the George Weah Administration to immediately fly all the University of Liberia students, who were severely injured in the Bloody Independence Day violence, out of the country for advance medical treatment forthwith.

Friends of Gongloe Global (FOG-GLOBAL), along with other US-based supporters of Counselor Gongloe, said they have received reliable reports that since the Congress for Democratic Change operatives unleashed hellish savageries on the peaceful university students about a week ago, the health conditions of some of the victims are fast deteriorating and so far, only one person has been flown outside Liberia through the collective intervention of some exiled Liberian social and political justice advocates and activists for possible treatment

FOG-Global said it is making this call because it is patently aware of the near lack of, or dilapidated healthcare facilities in Liberia, due to the chronic neglect of the healthcare delivery sector over the years by successive governments.

It can be recalled that on July 26, 2022, marauding Congress for Democratic Change operatives, tagging themselves as “CDC-Council of Patriots,” violently searched the homes of some student leaders of the University of Liberia, and unleashed extreme forms of barbarism and terror on student leader Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili and others. Without any justification whatsoever, Mr. Sivili was stripped nude and severely tortured by the CDC gangsters, which reportedly rendered him unconscious.

Apparently the only “crime” student Sivili and others had committed was the exercise of their fundamental and constitutional rights, consistent with articles 17 and 15 of the 1986 Constitution, by peacefully assembling in front of the United States embassy in Monrovia, to present their statement about Liberia’s dismal state of affairs to American diplomats.

The political leader of the global Gongloe Movement, Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe has already condemned the torturous savagery unleashed by the CDC operatives against the university student leader and others. In a strongly worded statement issued on July 28, 2022, Counselor Gongloe said, “There cannot be any common sense reason for the extremely cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of these patriotic and nationalistic sons and daughters of our beloved motherland.”

The presidential aspirant said the CDC operatives were subjecting the university students to all sorts of fear and intimidation tactics, because they had peacefully assembled around the vicinity of the Embassy of the United States to alert the world that “there was no reason for Liberians to celebrate the 175th Independence Day of Liberia” amid hellish economic condition and extreme social deprivation facing the country. Though President Weah belatedly issued what he called a statement of condemnation after a whole week of the incident, FOG Global and its allied its groups demand that the perpetrators of such barbaric actions be speedily brought to justice, and challenge the Weah government to ensure that all the tortured students are flown out of the country for better medical treatment immediately.

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