FLY Launches Three Years Strategic Plan, Wants Gov’t Lead A Frank Campaign For Youth Development

By: Julius Konton

FLY President Banica Stephenie Elliott

The Federation of Liberian Youth under the leadership of its first female President Banica Stephenie Elliott has officially launched its three years strategic plan.

The new plan code name: ‘Up to Us’, President Banice Stephenie Elliott said among other things is displaying youth ownership, youth power in providing solutions to issues they consider threatening to youth development.

President Elliott also indicated that the plan is made up of suggestions from young people in political parties, youth in social activism, vulnerable and rural youth.

“The future we want us up to us, this is why the FLY we are building over the next three years, will be involved in every single issue concerning young people”, she emphasized.

The launch of the National Youth document the FLY boss stated is also  to identify its path for tackling on how FLY intends  to answer the big questions young people all around the country ask themselves every day.

Finance Minister, Samuel D. Tweah

“Our objectives are clear, over the next three years, we will work at among other things Developing a comprehensive and coordinated national youth policy that promotes and protects the young people of Liberia, we will be Developing innovative strategies to engage and empower and develop young people in decision making process, advocating for improve access to quality education and employment opportunities for all youth in Liberia”, she said.

Other focus captured in the plan includes, promoting youth leadership and capacity development initiatives, Advocating for the protection of the rights of young people in Liberia and the elimination of gender base violence in Liberia.

According to her, These objectives speak to different pillars her agenda and her leadership is armed ready to tackle.

Speaking at the official launch of the plan, FLYS’s President Elliott said her leadership will never rest in its quest to see a rebranded FLY that doesn’t see youth generally but in diversity.

According to her, the new agenda is not simply an agenda for the urban, educated youth but also for

youth living in rural and urban communities, disadvantaged and vulnerable youth, youth with no training or Education and Youth living in conflict Zones.

Additionally she stated that the plan will also focus on Youth living with disabilities , Youth affected by natural disaster , Youth in informal sector as well as Youth people living in poverty.

Others she pointed out are , Young people at Risk of exploitation and abuse , Youth in the diaspora among other.

President Elliott stressed that FLY’s  role is to ensure a coordinated youth sector, to foster change and ensure a sustainable future.

“Let’s unite and take robust actions in maintaining youth peace and security before, during and after these elections”, she urged the dominant population of the Country, the young people.

The Federation of Liberian Youth-FLY she acknowledged has an image and trust problem, and her goal over the next three years is simple but powerful in working to addressing such key challenges.

” We want to reconstruct our relationship with partners and expand FLY membership to include every single youth organization in Liberia”, she added.

 The launch of the three years strategic plan, the FLY’s Head pointed out is the first step and a new beginning to fix its  past and look to a bigger and  brighter  future.

She uses the medium to call on all partners to look the FLY way and support the movement.

 The government support President Elliott indicated the need to  boost as such , she challenge the Government of Liberia  through  FLY to lead a frank campaign for youth development.

Speaking directly to Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah who was present at the Occasion, President Banica urged Minister Tweah through the Government to institute a signature project for the over 3m young people of Liberia.

This she noted when fully implemented will show veritable proof of the current  government commitment to young people.

She reminded Minister Tweah that FLY submitted a proposal to his  office for consideration under the National Budget.

Among other things , the proposal highlighted the construction of a national youth center before the end of the current regime six years in office.

“We have a place for sports, we have a place for entertainment, what we do not have is a national center for innovation and creativity where young people can exchange ideas in a civilized way to promote democracy and development”, she added.

Meanwhile, making special remarks, Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah recommitted Government’s support to the young people across the Country.

He acknowledge the pivotal role the key sector of the Country has to play in the peace and development processes of the Country as such, it is key to always empower them and create the necessary space and opportunity for them to explore and make maximum use of.

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