Firestone Liberia To Appear Before House Monday

(LINA) – The Plenary of the House of Representatives has invited the Management of Firestone Liberia to appear before the leadership of that August body on Monday, March 20, 2023.

The Plenary’s decision followed a communication from Margibi County District #2 Representative Ivar Jones.

In his communication to the Plenary on Thursday, Rep. Jones prayed the House of Representatives to request the organizational structure of Firestone Liberia management with names and nationalities of individuals occupying various positions.

In the communication, Rep. Jones is intending to know whether Firestone Liberia is in compliance with Section 11.1 of “An Act Ratifying The Amended And Restated Concession Agreement Between The Republic of Liberia And Firestone Liberia, Inc.”

The Act: “Employment practices of Firestone Liberia shall conform to Law. In no case Firestone Liberia hire non-Liberian citizens for unskilled labor positions. Firestone Liberia shall give preference for employment at all levels of financial, accounting, technical, administrative, supervisory and senior management positions and other skilled positions to qualified Liberian citizens as and when they become available.

“It being the objective of the Parties as soon as it is practicable that the operations and activities of Firestone Liberia under this Agreement should be conducted and management primarily by Liberian citizens,” the document states.

“Subject to the availability of qualified applicants, Firestone Liberia shall cause Liberian citizens to hold at least 30 percent of the ten most senior management positions within 5 years of the First Agreement Effective Date, and at least 50 percent of such positions within 10 years of the First Amendment Effective Date,” Rep. Jones added.

Meanwhile, following the reading of the communication, a motion was subsequently made for the Management of Firestone Liberia to appear before the leadership of the House of Representatives on Monday, March 20, 2023, and present all documents requested.

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