Female Lawyers Warn Against Compromising Women’s Rights

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has warned Liberian Women against compromising their rights on domestic violence in the country.

According to the President of AFELL Atty. Philomena Tugbe Williams, Liberian Women and Girls have been compromising their rights to seek justice on the domestic and Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) over the years that some Liberian men have taken advantage over their womanhood in the society.

Atty. Williams made the assertion over the weekend at several markets namely Duala Market, Rally Market and Water Side when Liberia joins the rest of the World to celebrate International Women Day.

She noted that more Liberian Women and Girls do not understand that they have rights under the law of Liberia that no man has the rights to abuse violently.

She pointed out whether their husbands or boyfriends do have the right to abuse them violently, emotionally and financially.

The AFELL boss stressed that if any women or girl is abuse in such manner, they should seek justice under the law by reporting to the nearer police station in the community and AFELL will represent them in court.

Atty. Williams maintained that violence against Liberian Women and Girls in any form should be prevented and stop in the

society, noting that Liberian Women and Girls have value and it must be respected.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of AFELL Atty. Bowoulo T. Kelley said Liberian Women should be careful about the welfare of their daughters in the society.

Atty. Bowoulo stated that sending their daughters to sale in the streets between vehicles is dangerous and they should stop it, despite the economic hardship confronted the nation.

She stressed that mothers should prevent and protect their daughters against rape and sexual gender based violence.

For her part, the Former Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Cllr. Muna Sieh Browne indicated that Liberian Market Women should save their money in the banks and avoid daily susu which sometimes, people run away with their money.

Cllr. Browne noted that when some. Marketers have  worked hard  to earn their money than some susu people escaped with  it, but if they  put their money in the banking system is well save than daily  susu activities.

In a related development, the Judge of the Criminal Court “D”  Meimeietta Jabbadah Sirleaf said it is critical to empower Liberian Women and Girls to understand their rights in the society.

Judge Sirleaf pointed out that the empowerment of Liberian Women and Girls will go a long way to transform the socio and economic development of Liberia.

She emphasized that Liberian Women should be united to foster more awareness on the rights of them in the law.

Earlier, the Head of the Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Committee of AFELL, Cllr. Fanta D. Conde Barclay cautioned Liberian Women and Girls to report rape and SGBV cases to the police stations to seek justice.

Cllr. Barclay noted that if they compromised   such action in society, their daughter’s productiveness could be damaged in the future.

She urged Liberian Women and Girls to visit AFELL’s offices to explain their cases relating rape and SGBV and AFELL will intervention to help to resolve or represent them in courts.

Also speaking during the awareness and education for Liberian Women and Girls to understand their rights against rape and SGBV, women and girls from Duala, Waterside and Rally Time  Markets, expressed thanks and appreciation  for AFELL for creating awareness on law relating to rape and SGBV in Liberia.

They said the awareness on these issues in market places will go a long way to empower Liberian Women Girls on their health and reproduction rights in the society.

They noted that more of them are suffering from SGBV with their husbands and boyfriends, but they do not know who to guide them in the process to seek redressed.

They promised to visit AFELL’s offices to receive more education on issues relating to rape and SGBV, noting that several of them are facing such situation.

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