Federation Of Motorcycles And Tricycle Unions Signed Joint Resolution To Combat Violence In Liberia

From  Melvin Doloqee /Nimba County

Over two hundred executives and counties coordinators and Board members including general membership of the Federation of Motorcycles and tricycle Unions of Liberia ( FOMTUL)  from the 15 counties assembly at the Peace Empire Hotel in the City of Ganta, Nimba County to  Signed a joint resolution committing themselves to help Combat Violence and to maintain peace and stability during the upcoming 22023 general and presidential elections.

The group referring to the process as the agenda for transformation of their national leadership of the Federation of Motorcycles and tricycle unions of Liberia ( FOMTUL) into a force of positive change which remains their paramount objective.

The youth for peace (Y4P) activities, tentative agenda for the national Consultative Dialogue with motorcyclists from the 15 Counties enable them to rich an agreement and sign a joint resolution to promote Peace before, during and after the 2023 elections after the election.

The event was organized by the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) with funding from USAID.

According to the president for the Federation of Motorcycles and tricycle unions of Liberia (FOMTUL) John A.F.Kenyor, the November 7,2022 document induct that they have affixed their names and signatures as a sign of commitment to the fight against electoral violence but rather in support for the sustainability of peace in the Country.

” Motorcycle and tricycle riders shall abide by every positive measure being put in place by the Federation of Motorcycles and tricycle unions of Liberia ( FOMTUL) as a Way of achieving the fight against electoral violence in support for the sustainability of peace, whereas all motorcyclist and tricyclics shall refrain from stay away from all forms of violence they added “.

He than urged cyclists in the Country not to allow themselves to be use by politicians to carry out any forms of violence as they all needs to help build the Country.

Also speaking, Liberia Peace Ambassador Mr.Eric Sumo Quaqua said the president George Weah is happy to see motorcyclist  from the 15 Counties to assembly in Ganta, Nimba County to be involved into peace process in the Country, as Peace and security, justice and the rule of law have been supported by the Liberia leader.

He disclosed that the office of Ambassador has collaborated with others National actors and international partners to transform conflict, build Peace and advance sustainable development.

Quaqua  said ” we have been part of the positive transformation underway in Liberia and throughout the Mano River Union,we note the importance of bringing together motorcyclists and tricyclists who are indeed key and relevant to stakeholders in the transformation process he said “.


He urged cyclists to be proactive and anticipate When, where, how and why conflict might occur when they monitor prevailing situations and the causes of conflicts, as escalation in tension amongst various societal actors, especially the future leaders who most of them see motorcycling as the means of livelihood and advise government about critical issues of concern which warrant the collective and strategic intervention.

He referred to the process as a critical process for sustaining the peace and it required the involvement of all Liberians.

The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Country Manager for Liberia Abena Amedormey said cyclists play a critical role in the social and economic lives of Liberians as their (cyclists) contribution must be noticed and not just noticed but respected.

” Now people who are not riders, will not understand the pressure and the stresses you experience in an attempt to make ends meet so you people are very importance in the society she added”.

The Catholic Relief Service ( CRS) Country Manager Abena Amedormey pledge her organization Support and comment in working with motorcyclists and the leadership of motorcyclists as a close partners in  progress and development.

She said the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Will Support the growth and capacity of the Federation of Motorcycles and tricycle unions of Liberia ( FOMTUL) organization so it can expand and Support its members.

She thanks the USAID – Liberia Deputy Country Director Dr. Mandy Dagold for the guidance on ensuring that the Catholic Relief Service CRS address the issues faced by communities in Liberia aid in all efforts to sustain and promote Peace across all 15 Counties.

For her part, USAID – Liberia Deputy Country Director Dr.Mandy Dagold extended gratitude to the participants from the 15 Counties who assembly in Ganta, Nimba County.

She said ” it’s truly an honor to see motorcyclists from across the nation come together to sign a joint resolution committing members of the motorcyclist Union to maintain peace in the Country”.

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