‘They Fear Pens, Not Guns’: Turkish Journalists Sentenced to Life in Prison

Demonstrators on World Press Freedom Day in Turkey, 2013. Image by Amnesty International Turkey.

After spending just over a year behind bars without charge, Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yucel was released from a Turkish jail on February 16. Just hours later, six other journalists in the country were issued a life sentence for “or attempting to overthrow the constitutional order”.

Another resident said although Caldwell provides all the basic facilities that generate revenue for government, but people living there cannot access electricity.

One Mary Sheriff, who claims to be one of the brains behind the protest, said if government failed to quickly address their demand, they will reorganize as concerned group to stage a ‘peaceful demonstration,’ this time at the office of President upon his return to the country.

An 83 year old man who joined the young protesters wants to see power supply in the township “before I depart for the great beyond.”

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Source: Global Voices

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