Fear Grip Liberians For The Reported Unwanted Killings, Disappearances At Anti-graft Institutions

Victims of mysterious happenings

GNN investigation has uncovered that Liberians nowadays are in fear due to sequence of unwanted killings and disappearances in Liberia, making specific references of employees of the country’s anti-graft institutions, urging the CDC-led government to speedily bring this threatening situation under control.

In less than a year, five persons from the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Liberia Internal Audit Agency (LIAA) have reportedly died mysteriously, with the latest disappearance of another LRA employee, Mr, Sayon Moore, a resident of the ELWA Community and assigned at the Real Estate Division as Enforcement Officer whose whereabouts is still unknown.

Prior to this latest incident at the LRA with the reported missing of Mr. Moore, three others including Albert Peters, Gifty Lama and George Fanbutu died mysteriously, as the bereaved families of the victims were grief-stricken, another anti-graft staff, the mysterious death news of Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua, Director General of the LIAA again took the airwave.

Some Liberians and family members of this latest victim (Mr. Sayon Moore) are calling on the Liberian government to speedily come to the rescue of the grieving families of Mr. Moore to launch a search of their reported missing relative and friend in order to restore calm, and to allow the general public to be fearless.

The million dollar question that is being asked by many Liberians and foreign residents is why always employees of the LRA are always the victims of mysterious happenings including deaths and disappearances? These unwanted situations at the LRA are raising more questions than answers amongst Liberians and foreign residents. Speaking further to the GNN-Liberia, Liberians said they are wondering over these incidences at the LRA. Asking as to what is the real story of the unwanted killings and disappearances at LRA.

According to authority at the Liberia National Police, an investigation has been launched on the reported missing of Sayon Moore, and further called on the families, and others not to make any statement that will hinder the investigation.

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