‘FBI report clears judge’

Kavanaugh hearing

The FBI has apparently completed its further investigation into charges against the US Supreme Court nominee, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Wall Street Journal reported the White House reviewed FBI reports about its interviews and “found no supporting evidence of allegations of sexual misconduct” by Kavanaugh. However, it is unclear whether the White House has finished reviewing the reports.

Senators were due to receive the FBI report last night, which took a week to complete and was conducted because of the insistence of Democrats and feminists on the testimony of three women about Kavanaugh’s behavior during the years he attended high school and university.

The attorneys of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – the most prominent of the three women accusing Kavanaugh – criticized the FBI investigation when it turned out that it was probably over.

“Another FBI background investigation that did not include an interview with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – and not with the witnesses who support her testimony – cannot be considered an investigation,” the lawyers said in a written statement. “We are deeply disappointed that after her enormous sacrifice, those who direct the FBI investigation were not interested in searching for the truth.”

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