Farmington River Hotel Management’s Trouble Deepens With Lawmakers

General Manager, Richard Robaix

Members of the House of Representative have furiously rejected unsigned communication sent to that body by the management of the Farmington River Hotel management after being invited by that august body to answer to allegations of bad labor practices and other harassments against its employees.

Members  of the House of Representatives early this week summoned the management for its rudely behaviors against a member of the House who had gone there to address  allegations leveled against the Farmington River Hotel based on these allegations the Hotel was invited.

The anger of members of the House during  a special session yesterday at the Capitol Building a tension grew  when the Hotel  received an unsigned communication from the management of the Hotel  asking for more time for the appearance of its authority, but instead was resisted the Liberian lawmakers on grounds that it was an affront to that august body.

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