The Farmington Hotel: Liberia’s Pride That Makes The Difference In Hotel Management

The Farmington Hotel, Liberia’s Pride

Situated at the bank of Farmington River, few yards from the nation’s international airport, the Roberts International Airport, the Farmington Hotel has added more taste to the country’s tourism sector, bringing pride to the country and its people.

Farmington Hotel which has 164 rooms and suites including three Presidential suites 300 Millimeter Square is the largest in the Country, and is management by renowned international hotel management experts.

Taken journalists on a tour of this first-class modern hotel facilities, the General Manager and international experts in hotel management, soft-spoken Ronald Stilting expressed gratitude to the Liberian Government for affording the birth of Farmington Hotel in Liberia and to helping in boasting the Country’s tourism sector.

Speaking to journalists during the tour of the facilities of the Hotel, the energetic in hospitality and hotel management, Mr. Stilting said the Hotel in the near future will be extended with 10 villas in phase two, and will also boast the largest professionally operated conference centre with the large banquet hall in the country, which can accommodate more than 550 participants.

He further boasted that with three more medium size conference rooms, Liberia can finally host international standard conferences as was done during the just ended ECOWAS conference where every visitor including the fourteen ECOWAS heads of state were overwhelmed of the services and the uniqueness of the facilities of the Hotel.

The interior view of the Hotel

The Hotel restaurants and snack bars which were also toured, journalists were privileged to interact with some of the trained dieticians and other staffers were seen busy preparing delicious food which is being enjoyed in the Mediterranean restaurant, the specialty Japanese restaurant or a light meal, snack or drink at the Lounge-Bar and Poolside Garden Bar.

According to Mr. Stilting, the Farmington Hotel as Liberia’s first-class hotel  strongly focusses on leisure where guests can be able to relax in beautiful large gardens along the bank of the Farmington River, and cool down or work out in three of its beautifully and well layout swimming pools (incl. an infinity riverside pool).

Another view of the Hotel’s interior look

He noted that from the riverside, sun-decks guests will also have the opportunity to use boats to enjoy water-sports on the river and explore Liberian nature, while at the same time sports-fans will also be opportune to play beach-volleyball and -soccer on its well situated artificial beach, as well as tennis and basketball.

He said for those health-conscious guests who will like to work out in the gym or enjoy various wellness and beauty treatments in the Spa, the Hotel has established a gym to cater to the needs in the area of health and fitness.

Another view of the Hotel

Mr. Stilting told journalists during the tour of the facilities, children’s playground and pool with the purpose of catering to families, while at the same time, boat tours on the river and the nearby lagoon are offered to explore Liberian nature and sports-enthusiasts can golf on the Firestone golf course.

As the resort strongly focuses on tourism, it will offer land-tours to various interesting sites and it will cooperate with other service providers to boost Liberia tourism. A botanical garden, showing typical fruits and crops often unknown to visitors, will be integrated in the large grounds to show the diversity of Liberia’s nature.

Another look of one of the rooms

The hotel will be a hub for everybody flying in / out, as they can spend the previous day in a relaxed environment until short before departure without the stress of driving from Monrovia.

Helping the Liberian Government in the reduction of unemployed, the management of the Farmington Hotel will employ more than 250 Liberian workers on all levels, and secure many more jobs with suppliers and business partners, with the extensive induction training and continuous training by the hotel’s Training Manager to guarantee hospitality on an international level.

Explaining the inside view of the Hotel

The hotel General Manager Ronald Stilting, with 20 years’ African hotel experience, is in Liberia since several months preparing to open the project. Mr. Ronald Stilting is no stranger to Liberia, as he has previously opened and managed the RLJ Kendeja Resort.

“This is my 8th hotel / 6th African opening and I feel very happy to return to Liberia. I had a great time in Liberia and returning here was quite emotional and almost felt like coming home. I am determined to contribute to Liberian development, certainly beyond opening and operating a hotel” He acknowledges that “task ahead is a big challenge, but delivering high standard service is definitely possible. Liberian people have great potential with very friendly and positive character. My recipe is to good service to create a positive corporate / family culture, where the staff is a team and people enjoy the work and have fun. Their good mood will reflect in how they treat the guests.”

“The key to achieve high quality of service is a strong management team with internationally experienced and dedicated managers. We aim to bring the highest quality of service in Liberia with a motivated team and positive approach”

The Farmington Hotel is managed by Campbell Gray Hotels, which is a renowned high-end hotel group from UK. It operates iconic properties, such as The Phoenicia in Malta, One Aldwych in London and Le Gray in Beirut, with more projects coming up all over the world.  The Farmington Hotel is owned by Liberia-based AJA-Group and partners.

Flash Back: A staff briefing journalists after touring the hotel

Apart from the commitment to tourism development The Farmington Hotel will also get strongly involved in capacity building. The resort runs trainee programs and intends to set up a hotel school to develop talents in various disciplines, which will benefit development of the Liberian hospitality and economy.

A Partial view of the conference hall

The hotel will have a “kitchen-garden” to grow its own herbs and vegetables but will also initiate and support the development of agricultural projects. It will link to NGO’s etc. to provide technical support and promise to purchase the produces which are grown. This will provide income for many and help Liberian economy to become less dependent from imports.

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