Fahngon Gets ‘Best Deputy Minister Of The Year’ Award

The tough-talking Deputy Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), Eugene L. Fahngon, has been honored as “Best Deputy Minister of the Year 2018” by the New Vision Media Outlet.

The New Vision Media Outlet, which is the publisher of the Microscope newspaper, certificated and honored Fahngon for “his fearless stance in promoting the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) through the media and other intellectual platforms.”

Making remarks during the honoring ceremony at MICAT on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, the CEO of the New Vision Media Outlet, Daniel Rogers, said his entity selected Minister Fahngon for the award because of “the excellent way he articulated government’s policies, progress and programs during the year 2018.”

“It is based upon your hard work, tireless effort in propagating the government’s policy that we have selected you as “Best Deputy Minister of the Year,” Rogers indicated.

He, however, encouraged the deputy minister to continue his hard work and not be deterred by detractors.

Receiving the award, Deputy Minster Fahngon lauded the New Vision Media Outlet for honoring him, noting that “it is an honor to be selected by a media institution for my efforts in propagating the President’s Agenda.”

He added: ‘‘For the nature of my job, I have learned to expect the unexpected, for the kind of work I do, I am not deterred by critics.”

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