Fact Check: CDC Did Not Win 7 Senate Seats

On October 25, the Spokesman of the Coalition for Democratic Change Campaign Team Cllr. Kanio Gba Gbala appeared in a special radio interview on Classic FM (at around 6:10 timestamp) in Margibi County and claimed that the CDC won 25 representative seats and seven senatorial seats in the October 10 polls.

He made the claim while auguring that the CDC performed well in the legislative elections based on the number of seats the party has won.

The Claim

Cllr. Gbala exact words were: “the CDC is the party that hall in the most representative winners, 25 in the last elections, in the senatorial elections, we’ve managed to bring in 7 elected senators”.

Rating Justification

To fact check this claim, we checked the results published on the website of the National Elections Commission and found that the CDC campaign spokesman did not get all of his facts correct.

Results of the October 10 elections posted to NEC website for the 73 Representative seats show that 25 candidates won on the ticket of the CDC.

For the senatorial elections, the results on NEC website shows that CDC candidates won 6 counties – Montserrado, Margibi, Maryland, Grand Kru, and River Cess Counties.


Based on these facts we therefore conclude that CDC campaign spokesman was correct that the CDC won 25 seats in the House of Representative elections but was incorrect about the seats in the senate.

The results on NEC website shows that the CDC won 6 and not 7 counties as claimed in the radio interview.

This report was developed with the support of Internews through the USAID Media Activity project. The funder has no say in the editorial decision leading to the production of this content.

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