Explosion at Aden police checkpoint injures bystander

Soldiers escort government officials touring the container terminal at Aden port, Yemen December 12, 2018. Reuters

The nearby Saudi Arabian Consulate was not believed to be the target of the blast

A bystander was injured in an explosion near a police checkpoint in the southern Yemen city of Aden on Monday.

An explosive device detonated in the Khourmaksar area on Monday morning, a source in the Aden security forces told The National.

The area is home to a number of foreign consulates, including that of Saudi Arabia, as well as the national Oil Investments Company, which recently moved its headquarters from the rebel-held capital Sanaa.

A woman injured in the explosion was an employee of the Oil Investments Company, the source she said.

No one was killed by the blast. It is believed the target was the checkpoint guarding the entrance to a street filled with companies and consulates, rather than a specific consulate, the source said.

The blast took place just 500 metres from the main headquarters of Aden’s security forces.

The injured woman was taken to hospital for medical treatment.

On November 5 2017, ISIS carried out a coordinated attack in Aden that killed 35 people and sparked a hostage crisis.

Later that month at least 10 people were killed, including two civilians, when a suicide car bomb exploded near a security checkpoint in Aden. That attack was also later claimed by ISIS.

Source: www.thenational.ae

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