Ethiopia’s ‘tallest man’ tells Ghana giant ‘you are not bigger than me’

However, both are shorter than Turkish farmer who holds Guinness World Record

Sulemana Abdul Samed, left, and Negewo Jima. Photo: Berhanu Mamo / Facebook

An Ethiopian giant has said claims that a Ghanaian rival has reached a world recording-breaking height are just tall tales.

Ghana’s Sulemana Abdul Samed, 29, was told he might be as tall as 2.89 metres during a hospital check-up, the BBC reported this week.

But medics said they did not have proper measuring equipment, so a BBC reporter visited his village in northern Ghana with a tape measure in hand.

The tape showed Mr Samed to be 2.23 metres — well short of the world’s tallest man.

Ethiopian Negewo Jima saw the report and weighed in, claiming he is taller than Mr Samed. At 2.25 metres, Mr Jima claims to be Ethiopia’s tallest man.

Mr Jima took to Facebook on January 3 to say: “Bring him if you want — this man won’t be longer than me.”

He told the BBC: “From what I see in the photographs, I can guarantee he’s not longer than me.”

But both are way short of the man recognised as the tallest on the planet.

Guinness World Records recognises Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen as the tallest living person at 2.51 metres.

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