Esteemed Liberian Diplomat upholds His Integrity on the Global Stage


Dr. Malachi Z. K. York, widely recognized for his philanthropic initiatives and remarkable literary contributions, continues to be an inspirational figure for millions of Africans in the diaspora and America. His poignant works have left a lasting impact, promoting unity and harmony among diverse communities.

At 78 years old, Dr. York’s current health conditions including Hereditary Angioedema and several other medical complications warrant special attention. Having served more than 21 years in the federal prison system, the aging scholar’s health circumstances underline the urgency for a medical transfer.

In his remarkable journey, Dr. York has also had to grapple with some identity-related complexities. Today, he is often referred to as Dwight D. York, a misnomer that has somehow become linked to his identity over time.

Dr. York, a person of color, has had to face challenging circumstances, like many others. Having renounced his American allegiance in favor of Africa, he remains committed to his African roots and looks forward to returning to his homeland.

Recent years (2020-2023) have seen significant developments related to Dr. York’s situation. His legal team has uncovered compelling new pieces of information, underscoring the need for further examination.

Dr. York has made significant contributions to Liberia, having obtained citizenship and been appointed as Consul General. He has passionately served in the capacity of His Excellency: H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. Kobina Yorke, Consul General, DP #0003125, representing the Republic of Liberia West Africa.

The Government of Liberia has been advocating for Dr. York, underlining their desire for him to return to his country of citizenship, Liberia, West Africa. They have appealed to the U.S. Department of State to repatriate Dr. York.

Dr. York himself fervently wishes to return to his homeland. He respectfully requests all parties to uphold the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, 1963 and facilitate his repatriation to Africa.

Dr. Malachi Z. K. York

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