EPA Fines World’s Steel Giant, ArcelorMittal US$110K For Breaching Environmental Laws

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined the world’s steel giant,  ArcelorMittal One Hundred and Ten Thousand United States Dollars for breaching  environmental laws and pollution of water body in Nimba Couty;but the company says it is reviewing EPA latest decision

The Environmental Protection Agency said the fine was reached after its management held a technical hearing with ArcelorMittal, at which time the company acknowledged its missteps and expressed commitment to remedy the situation.

The company was found liable for its continued failure to notify the EPA of a major change in its project which posed significant threat to the environment and human health.

According to the EPA, the act violates Part III, Section 26 (a&b) of the Environmental Protection and Management Law.

Meanwhile, a statement from ArcelorMittal issued late Monday evening notes that the company has received a communication from the EPA about the situation, noting that the company is still reviewing the content of the communication.

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