Ellen Corkrum Files ‘Human Rights’ Lawsuit Against Liberian Government At ECOWAS Court

Flash Back: Madam Ellen Corkrum speaking to group of Liberians in New York 2016 (Photo credit: Cholo Brooks)

The endless battle between the Liberian Government and the former Managing Director of the Robert International Airport (RIA), Madam Ellen Corkrum is said to be gaining root at the ECOWAS Court, the prosecuting arm of the Economic Community of West African States following an alleged ‘Human Rights Lawsuit filed against the Liberian Government.

The case which was filed at the ECOWAS Court in 2016 was adjoined by that Court until May 16, 2018 due to an alleged request made by legal counsel representing Corkrum to produce additional evidence in the matter.

The Corkrum’s case is one of the landmark cases that many thought would have been utilized by the government especially in the wake of the fight against corruption and beginning with the Corkrum case and the current Global Witness ‘Bribery and corruption’ charges against some former officials of the Liberian Government.

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