Elizabeth Village Resort: Paradise Of Traditional Touristic Attractions – See Pictures

The Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County is gradually becoming the center of attraction in the Liberian tourism sector, the ideally located Elizabeth Village Resort on the Bank of the Benson River has indeed resuscitated the glamorous look of the Country’s tourism attraction.

Equipped with traditional infrastructural housing facilities, the Elizabeth Village Resort has won the hearts of many Liberians and foreign residents in the County, and even though in other parts of the Country who finds tourism as their passion and wishing to see the Country’s tourism sector taken another level.

During a tour of this well designed resort; traditionally situated in the suburb of the historic City of Buchanan, the Elizabeth Village Resort has taken the lead in promoting the Country’s tourism sector, one of the vital components in the growth and development of the nation’s economy.

The resort owned and operated by one of Liberia’s finest tourism promoters, Ms. Hesta Baker Pearson, who formerly served the Indian Giant steel company, the ArcelorMittal as head of information and communication, ‘Hesta’ as she is affectionately call, is passionate in developing Africa’s oldest nation (Liberia) tourism sector.

The Elizabeth Village Resort which officially opened on December 16, 2017 with a capital investment of $250,000.00, is named after her grandmother, Elizabeth Moore Johnson is indeed a place to be, being considered by residents of the City of Buchanan as a paradise overlooking the Benson River.

The Elizabeth Village Resort has infused in its services a new dynamism in the nation’s tourism sector, prioritizing the locally made furniture that are well suited in each of the guest huts; every furniture in each of these huts are locally made with wonderful designs.

Touring each of the huts (Rooms) at the Elizabeth Village Resort ideally suited at the bank of the Benson River, journalists were amused at the level of talents being used for their construction, especially the use of natural wood, rocks and other locally gathered materials for the comfort of guests utilizing the facility for the very first time.

Other beautifully handmade attractions at the Elizabeth Village Resort include a gigantic elephant statue, designed purposely to entertain guests at the refreshing swimming pool with fresh water oozing its mouth, while guests who are passionate of swimming enjoy their stay at the resort.

Another attractions that thrill most guests at the Elizabeth Village Resort during weekends is the splendid culture performances by the ‘Village Culture Troop’ with Liberian traditional songs and dances aimed at entertaining guests with their best, while at the same time food and drinks of all kind are served at button prices.

At the Elizabeth Village Resort opportunity are for canoe rides are also available for those who want to take a pleasurable river tour on the bank of the Benson River, while those who are interested fishing expedition are also afforded the opportunity.

Narrating her dream for the establishing of this Resort, the founder and owner of the Elizabeth Village Resort, Baker-Pearson said she was moved during her numerous tour of several countries including Ghana, Nigeria, and the Gambia where she spotted and noticed the importance of investing in tourism.

She said her dream for this vision of putting together a resort came when she toured several countries including Nigeria, Ghana and the Gambia where she was opportune to visit various touristic attractions, this she said gave her the desire to bring same to Liberia thereby investing her capital into this venture.


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