ELECTIONS 2023: Weah Reassures Citizens Of More Developments in 2nd Term

The President of the Republic and Standard-bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, Wednesday, August 15, 2023, crusaded deep into Montserrado County as part of his engagement with Liberians across the length and breadth of the country ahead of the October 10 legislative and presidential elections.

Nearly a week and half since he embarked on official campaign eliciting support for another six-year term based on his first term achievements, the Chief Executive continues to assure Liberians much is in the offing for the country under his continued leadership.

The mammoth crowds of citizens that have always occasioned the President’s engagement activities since the inception of the campaign swelled more in the City of Caresburg and the woodland of Todee, a remote part of District One, Montserrado County, as they were not disappointing at all in acknowledging the president’s reassurances with deafening applauses.

They  swarmed the near-cosmopolitan city of Caresburg along the Kakata Highway where the President made his first stop of the day’s engagement activities before moving on into Nyehn Town, Todee District to another unbeatable record receptions along the way in every town and village.

The citizens danced and waived palm branches while older women spread lappas in appreciation of the president for living up to their expectations.

Addressing citizens at the two different electrifying gatherings, President Weah said his records of development–creating a Liberia of opportunities for every Liberian to harness their potential in spite of the negativities his opponents spewed about him–were enough reasons why he should be reelected to keep the country on the current trajectory of peace, security and infrastructural development.

President Weah told citizens how he has faithfully, dedicatedly and progressively served the country by overturning the deficits created by the past government and repositioning and restructuring the socioeconomic and political space everyone deserves towards better standard of life.

Considering what his government has done in the space of five years by building more schools, hospitals, roads, stabilizing the economy and making electricity affordable, building homes for indigents and giving every young Liberian opportunity to go to school compared to what his predecessor did,  the CDC Standard-bearer warned that Liberians would  be committing suicide if they were to elect opposition elements to power to undo everything put in place to elevate the country and people.

President Weah said while it is true he did not promise ‘heaven’ in 2017, it is equally undeniable how far he has brought the country that had been so deadlocked developmentally in its 171 years of existence.

He added: “When I was running for Senator, I came to you and you gave me your votes; again, when I was running for President,  I came to you and you made me your President. Now I am coming to you to tell you what I have done to reelect me again.”

In a country where the future of the young people is of paramount priority, President Weah asserted that no candidate in the 2023 elections match his records of caring for the young people, as he has done more and cared for young people the most even long before he became President.

He cautioned citizens not to lend  listening ears to those who want to dissuade them from giving him their votes in these elections to continue his enviable development strides  as he is the only one who has stood for them even when he was in the opposition.

“It is very easy for people in the opposition to tell young people not to vote for George Manneh Weah

but to do so, to tell young people not to vote for me is suicidal because I am the only one who has been standing for them,” President Weah further indicated.

The President said his message was one of reassurance for the young people of Liberia that their future is far more secured under his watch as President because he  has been there for them all long, giving them the developments they deserve rightfully

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