ELECTIONS 2023: In House Of Representatives, CDC Captures 25 Of  73 Seats, While UP 10, And Independent Candidates 18 Seats

As Liberians await the holding of the Run-off elections between the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and the opposition Unity Party (UP) on November 7, 2023, the CDC has won 25 of the 73 seats in the National Legislature at the House of Representatives, according to the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Independent Candidates in these elections have won 18 of the 73, while the leading opposition political party, the Unity Party captured 10 of the 73 Seats followed by the Collaborative Political Parties (CPP) with 6 of the 73 seats

At the Senate, the ruling CDC has won 6 of the 30 seats, also followed by the Independent Candidates who captured 6 of the 30 seats, while UP and LRP won 1 each of the 30 seats meaning 14 contested in these just ended polls. The other 16 are still holding on to complete their 9 years respectively.

Below are those who won successfully during the just ended legislative election

Bomi County

D1. Obediah J. Varney – UP, D2. Manah B. Johnson Jr. – UP,D3. Sam P. Jallah – IND

Bong County

D1. Prince K. Koinah – IND, D2. James M. Kolleh – PUP, D3. Josiah Marvin Cole – CDC, D4. Robert Flomo Womba – UP, D5. Eugine J.M. Kollie – CDC, D6. Moima Briggs Mensah – IND and D7. Foday E. Fahnbulleh – IND

Gbarpolu County

D1. Zinnah A. Norman – CDC, D2. Luther S. Collins – IND and D3. Mustapha Waritay – UP

Grand Bassa County

D1. Isaac G. Bannie – MPC, D2. Clarence J. Banks – IND, D3. Matthew Joe – CDC, D4. Alfred H. Flomo- UP and D5. Thomas A. Goshua, ll – CPP

Grand Cape Mount County

D1. Bintu Massalley – CDC, D2. Mohammed Dosil- IND and D3. Gbessie Soni Feika – VOLT

Grand Gedeh County

D1. Erol Madison Gwion – CDC, D2. Marie Johnson – LRP and D3. Jacob C. Debee LINU

Grand Kru County

D1. Nathaniel N. Bahway Sr. – CPP, D2. Fonati J. Koffa – CDC

Lofa County

D1. Thomas P. Fallah – CDC, D2. Fartorma Julie Wiah – CDC, D3. Siafa Momo Kpoto – CDC, D4. Gizzie K. Kollince – UP, and D5. Augustine B. Chiewolo – UP

Maryland County

D1. Mike P. Jurry – CDC, D2. Anthony Williams- CPP  and D3. Austin Blidi Taylor – IND

Margibi County

D1. Opee Roland Cooper – IND, D2. Ivar K. Jones – CDC, D3. Ellen A. Attoh Wreh – IND, D4. Emmanuel Yarh – CDC and D5. Clarence G. Garh – CDC

Montserrado County

D1. Yatu Rugie Barry – CPP, D2. Sarafoday Sekou Kanneh – UP, D3. Sumo K. Mulbah – ALP, D4. Michael M. Thomas – IND, D5. Prescilia A. Cooper – UP , D6. Samuel R. Enders – IND, D7. Emmanuel Dahn – IND, D8. Prince A. Toles – UP, D9. Frank Saah Foko – CDC, D10. Yekeh Y. Kolubah – IND, D11. Richard Nagbe Koon – UP, D12. Jerry K. Yougboh – IND, D13. Edward P. Flomo Jr – CDC, D14. Muka Kerkula Kamara – CDC, D15. Abu Bana Kamara – CDC, D16. Dixon W. Seboe – CDC, D17. Bernard Blue Benson – CDC

Nimba County

D1. Samuel N. Brown, Sr – IND, D2. Nyahn G. Flomo – CPP, D3. Nehker E. Gaye – MDR, D4. Ernest M. Mansseah Sr. MDR, D5. Samuel G. Kogar – PUP, D6. Twain D. Gleekia – MDR, D7. Musa Hassan Bility – CPP, D8. Saye S. Manah – MDR  and D9. Taa Z. Wongbe – IND

River Cess County

D1. Alex J. Grant – IND, D2. Steve Tequah – IND

River Gee County

D1. Alexander Poure – CDC, D2. Isaac B.Choloplay Wuo – CDC, D3. Johnson S.N. Williams Sr.- CDC

Sinoe County

D1. Romeo Thomas Quioh – NDC, D2. Samson Q. Wiah – CDC, D3. Alex S. Noah – CDC,

18 Independent Candidates Won

CPP won 6 of the 73 Seats

MDR won 4 of the 73 Seats

PUP won 2 of the 73 Seats

MPC won 1 of the 73 Seats

ALP won 1 of the 73 Seats

NDC won 1 of the 73 Seats

LRP won 1 of the 73 Seats

VOLT won 1 of the 73 Seats

LINU won 1 of the 73 Seats

Elected Senators

Alex J. Tyler Sr. (IND)— defeated incumbent Morris G. Saytumah of Bomi County.

Johnny K. Kpehe (IND)— replaced Henrique Tokpah of Bong County.

Budget short fall, Amara M. Konneh (IND)— replaced Daniel Naatehn Sr. Deceased– Gbarpolu County.

Gbehzonhngar M. Findley (IND)flogged Jonathan Kaipay of Grand Bassa County.

Momo T. Cyrus (IND)— flogged Stephen Zargo of Lofa County.

Varvpilah M. Dabah (UP)— flogged Varney G. Sherman of Grand Cape  Mount

Former Rebel Leader of MODEL Thomas Yaya Nimely (LRP)— flogged Marshall Dennis of Grand Gedeh County

Nathaniel F. McGill (CDC)— replaced Jim Tornonlah of Margibi County

Francis S. Dopoh (IND)— flogged Conmany Wesseh of River Gee County.

Bill T. Twehway (CDC)— flogged Francis S. Paye of Rivercess County

Crayton O. Ducan( CDC)— flogged  Milton Teahjay of Sinoe County.

Saah H. Joseph ( CDC) of Montserrrado County, retained.

Prince Y. Johnson (MDR) of Nimba County, retained.

Browne, J Gbleh Bo ( CDC) of Maryland County, retained.

Albert T. Chea ( CDC) of Grand Kru County, retained.

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