EFFL Knocked Down Monrovia Today, Against Justice Jan’neh’s Impeachment Proceeding

Dressed in the red T-Shirts, dozens of members of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) as early as 8am this morning swamped the grounds of the Capitol Building in protest of the ongoing impeachment proceedings against Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, which they say intends to raid the Supreme Court of its independence.

“During the protest, which is honored by Article 1 of the Liberian Constitution, we will issue Vote of no Confidence in those Senators who are involved with the removal of Justice Ja’neh and as well lock the National Legislature for showing us (the people) disrespect.”

The group says it will issue a vote of no confidence to senators who are backing the removal of Justice Ja’neh.

The EFFL described the impeachment trial as “an affront to Democracy and a direct attack on good governance”.

The group alleged that the President and cohorts want to raid the Supreme Court of its independence to achieve their “clandestine and sinister motives”.

The group also alleged that because the ruling establishment is aware that it is underperforming, it intends to impeach Justice Ja’neh “to rig the 2020 Senatorial election and the 2023 presidential and legislative elections respectively”.

According to the group, the administrative structure of the bench (Supreme Court) clearly signals that Justice Ja’neh will be in chamber by 2020 and 2023; and as such the ruling party fear that “he will openly resist any form of raging the elections in 2020 and 2023”.

The EFF also accused the President and the ruling party of several mischiefs prompting Associate Ja’neh’s impeachment.

The statement added: “Profusely supporting internal crisis within the National Patriotic Party (NPP) as a way of disfiguring the party and the Vice President; thereby running the party insignificant to the coalition; to have full control of the High Court (Supreme Court) to the point that the Chief Justice is subjected to any form of political control; the illegal planned removal of Vice President Taylor as Vice President of Liberia and have her replace by the Minister of state Nathaniel McGill; to have control over future elections of fraudulent practices and constitutional crisis in their favor.”

Meanwhile, the group, headed by its “Commander-In-Chief,” Emmanuel Gonquoi claimed that it has received “undiluted information about the heavily flow of cash from President Weah and his boys to manipulate the Senate high earned reputation and integrity and by profusely voting the direction contrary to Liberians’ anticipation.”

However, the movement is hopeful that the Senate “will not yield to any act of bribery” but will unanimously reject the impeachment bill of Justice Ja’neh.

The group warned that the impeachment proceeding will have an adverse impact on the government and people of Liberia and called on the International Community including the United States Government, the European Union, the United Nations and the International Justice Group to keep an eye on country’s political activities.

“We say to you, President Weah, by undermining our hard-earned democracy and international reputation, you invite poverty to live with us because international organizations and donors considered good governance and the rule of law as a prerequisite for aid towards national agenda for development.

“With the latest unfolding in Liberia, the EFFL safely arrived at the conclusion that this government is not interested in the key issues that matter; rather, it has embarked upon tainting the integrity and reputation of the judicial system and looting the treasure of our country,” the group noted.

Credit: FPA

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