Education Minister Sonii Extols UCMAS For Educational Initiative In Liberia

Professor Ansu D. Sonii, Sr., Minister of Education, Republic of Liberia

Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii has commended authorities of the Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) for extending the program to Liberia, affirming that it will enhance the capacity of Liberian students to think fast and act promptly.

UCMAS is a globally recognized and scientifically proven child development program based on mental math and abacus for children between aged 4-14 years.

UCMAS applies innovative pedagogical techniques developed by specialists that include child development experts and child psychologists to leverage educational trends and maintain a world-class quality abacus math program.

UCMAS is currently operating in more than 80 countries across the world, including Canada, United States of America, Ghana, United Kingdom, India, China and Australia.

Launching the UCMAS Liberia Chapter in Monrovia recently, Sonii stated that the program introduces new learning methodology that builds the capacity of students, making them to be creative and innovative.

Sonii indicated that there are smart students in Liberia that can do better, adding that they only need the opportunity and platform that will develop their capacity.

He stated that UCMAS will build on the existence ability that Liberian students have in order to make them achieve academic excellence and improve the educational sector of the country.

“We believe that anything that enhances learning cannot be rejected, especially if it is moral and sound, and because we believe that the processes are moral and sound which leads to better learning and creativity, we cannot lose,” Sonii noted.

For his part, the Director of UCMAS Girish Gurbani stated that UCMAS is new to Liberia, but has been in existence for 26 years and has served as a universal education group that was established in 1993 by Dr. Dino Wong in Malaysia.

Gurbani also stated that the UCMAS program tends to develop the brain capacity of children between the ages of 4-14 years, adding that the human brain at said stages can easily be molded to reach its maximum potential.

“This is the time that has been proven scientifically that the brain can be fresh and can be molded easily,” Gurbani said.

He indicated that the brain consists of billions of neurons that control the learning process of the brain, and that those neurons are very active between the ages of 4-14, but pointed out that those neurons become less active or slow in comprehension and storing information from 15 years and above.

Gurbani disclosed that UCMAS will train Liberian teachers who will be charged with the responsibility of impacting the knowledge to the students in order to achieve the objective of the organization.

He encourages school proprietors to take advantage of the program in order to build the capacity of their kids.

“We will come to your school and help include the subjects in your curriculum, and the initiative will last from four to six months, depending on how it will be offered,” Gurbani stated.

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